Bart Lee is a retired San Francisco Attorney and Noted Wireless Historian. He is a CHRS and AWA History Fellow and AWA Houck Award winner. He has presented and published and now shares the following work. You are welcome to email Bart. In the video below Bart welcomes you to his research and publication:

Below, Bart Talks Wireless courtesy Murray Eiland’s Radio Archaeology series:

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911 Amateur Radio In New York

The Radios of Pan American Airways, Alameda

6AWT – Bart Molinari – Farnsworth Engineer

Experimenters on a New Amateur Band

Bart’s WWII telegraph key restoration

Radio Archeology v2.1 | Letter to the Editor

Vacuum Tubes Redux? – EmComm for the Apocalypse


Early Wireless

Amateur Radio

Clarence Tuska, Radio Pioneer, ARRL Founder (ARRL, Copyright ARRL)

Bart’s San Francisco Amateur Radio History Since 1909

San Francisco Radio Club, Since 1909

Titanic Lessons for Emergency Radio – Revised

Amateur Radio Emergency Communications History

The Girl at 6BB

Radio Spies

Swan Island/CIA

Military Radio


Bart’s AWA Article list and abstracts

Several years ago I interviewed Bruno Zucconi about his life as a manufacturer of test equipment:

California Radio Stories: Bruno Zucconi  |Bruno and Connie Remember |

In 2012 I interviewed Waldo Boyd, one of the founders of the Society of Wireless Pioneers. Walt, K6DZY, is now a silent key: