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While other non-profit organizations and other vintage radio groups just get along and survive by doing the same old thing, CHRS has broadened its base from a group of radio collectors to a true historical and educational society devoted to all things radio. CHRS has proven to be a progressive forward thinking organization with a positive track record of getting things done… including buying our own building! Things like embracing the broadcasting side of radio with our Bay Area Radio Museum on-line, our Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame, our Society Of Wireless Pioneers and the extensive Maxwell Communications Library make us so much more than a collectors group.

As CHRS starts on its new era at Radio Central, we remind you that your support cannot end simply because we purchased a building. Our 115-year old historical wired communications building needs to be converted to our homage to wireless communications. And we need your continued support. Any amount you can contribute will help and is most appreciated.

We have made donating easy. You now have options. Just specify where your donation will go by checking the boxes and specifying the amount. Please donate heavily. Here are our funds:


    These are the funds and projects that provide us the capital to move forward with our mission on a daily basis.
  • For the monthly upkeep of the Radio Central facility. (Insurance, phone / DSL, power, garbage, water, fire system, alarm system, IT Services, off site storage). It costs us roughly $2,000 per month to exist at Radio Central
  • For the necessary upgrades and remodeling to accommodate our CHRS activities. (Shop project, Maxwell Library project, display galleries, flooring, paint, electrical service upgrades, plumbing upgrades, seismic upgrades, accessory building project, radio control rooms). Rough construction estimate $150,000.

    These are projects that will enhance and enrich our experience at Radio Central. They will not be funded from the General Construction Fund. They will happen, in time but are not necessarily priorities right now. Although, if independently funded now, they will become priorities.
  • Right now Radio Central occupies The Laura Phillips Building. Laura Phillips was the founder of The Children's Learning Center, the school that last owned the building. What a legacy it would be for someone to have the building housing the West Coast Center for Radio and Radio History including the CHRS Vintage Radio Museum and the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame, named in their honor. A $350,000 donation creates a permanent legacy for someone in this historic building.
  • in 1900, the Sunset Telegraph and Telephone Company built 2152 Central Avenue, Radio Central, in the classic California Mission Revival Style. In the 1960s, the Church of the Nazarene erected the flat 'modern' front that we see today. The Building Facade Fund would allow CHRS to restore the facade to the original 1900 Mission Revival Style. Most of the detail still exists under the flat front. This project would also include an accessible wheelchair lift, which will eventually be required for disabled accessibility. Construction estimate is $150,000 - $250,000.
  • Our Amateur Radio Station W6CF, ‘The Jim Maxwell Station’ has a devoted fund and could use your help. W6CF will be a fully functioning ham station with several operating positions and offering vintage and modern gear. W6CF will also be part of the Alameda Emergency Services Network. Love ham radio? Please help build W6CF. The cost is $10,000.
  • Help create the BARHOF gallery in CHRS Radio Central. The Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame celebrates and honors the people and stations that have made Bay Area radio great. The BARHOF gallery lived in our old KRE building and now you can help rebuild the Radio Hall Of Fame in our Alameda Radio Museum. $8,500 is needed.
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