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News – 121129

This is an interim post to let you know where we stand so you’ll know we’re still working to get you more downloads.  Plus, we have a piece of good news!

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G.I. Jive 717, 718

We've been having some computer problems and so have been slowed up getting new shows. Can you live with another pair of G.I. Jives? These appear to be uncirculating. And, of course, we still must ask for you to help…

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Guest Star 347, 348

While these episodes appear to be in circulation already, one appears to be in a lower-rate encoding.  We hope our encodings will offer you an alternate (and perhaps an upgrade) for your collections. Our status in this building is still…

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Charlie McCarthy 84

Our campaign continues to try to save our museum home.  Please visit the page below to learn how to help keep these free downloads available: While this show appears to be available in an encoded format, this disc was…

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vocalist Lucy Ann Polk

The Les Brown Show 13, 14

URGENT NEWS The building where our collections, including the discs and the equipment used to make the shows you've been downloading and enjoying, is being sold as part of bankruptcy proceedings. If you want us to continue providing shows to…

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Dinah Shore 39

The only encoding that I was able to locate of this exact program was in 32 Kbps and in fair condition, so please enjoy this new, cleaner transfer at this higher bitrate. This episode, AFRS' edited version of "Birds Eye…

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