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Mail Call 97

UPDATED 9/26/12 (see below).

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Actress Joan Blondell, Unknown Date

This program appears to be unavailable in any digital format.

Joan Blondell (MC), Marilyn Maxwell, James Melton, Jerry Lester, The Williams Brothers, and Coryden Wassal (guest serviceman).

Both OTRSite and Goldin date this program as June 21, 1944.

Don’t miss Jerry Lester’s version of a song that probably doesn’t get performed much any more!

And not many radio recordings of The Williams Brothers have survived, as far as I can tell, so don’t miss their appearance here. If you don’t know who they are, you might know the most famous of them, Andy Williams.

Williams Brothers, Unknown Date

UPDATED 9/26/12:  Singer Andy Williams died on Monday, September 25, in Branson, Missouri.

Download link: Mail Call 97 440621

First Song One Girl and Two Boys (Marilyn Maxwell)

To open this file, use the following password, all lowercase, with underlines in between each word.

Image With The Word &Quot;Please&Quot;, &Quot;Help&Quot; And &Quot;Chrs&Quot;

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  1. Thanks, I’d not heard this one before. Yes, the Jerry Lester song is quite unusual.

    I noticed the needle jumped a few times. One idea I heard about was to use a turntable that allows you to spin the record in the opposite direction then you play it from the inside outwards (and reverse the audio later on the computer). Also because of the centrifugal forge the stylus is touching a different part of the groove compared to playing in the right direction.

  2. Thanks for the info, Dan. It sure would be nice to have a turntable like that someday, so we can get even better recordings in the future.

  3. No, No, No!!! Andy Williams is NOT dead! He is very much alive as of this moment on 06-27-12 and is 84 years old. He is fighting bladder cancer, and successfully so far, it seems. Perhaps that’s where your mistaken information came from. I feel old enough as it is and couldn’t believe I missed news of such a magnitude as Mr. Williams passing. I for one am glad that a few artists and heroes of my youth are still around…selfishly, let’s keep them here as long as possible! Love your site and your great contributions of these rare transcriptions to the hobby.

    1. Well, it looks like I heard wrong. I will change the post, and I’m glad to hear that someone who worked in radio is still going strong.

      Thanks for correcting me, Randy.

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