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Guest Star Time 21, 22

Please don’t miss the special message at the end of the post.  I need your help identifying a show.

This program, Guest Star Time (not to be confused with Guest Star), was sponsored by The Sister Elizabeth Kenney Foundation.  This discs for this program are unique in that someone’s face (Sister Kenney herself, I’m betting) is printed on the label, something I’ve not seen anywhere else in our collection.

Label For Guest Star Time Kbr-21

No specific dates are printed on the labels of these shows, except, as you see above, that this is their “1952 appeal.”  (Not even Goldin has a specific date.)

Guest Star Time 21

Starring Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians, with vocals by Kenny Gardner, Kenny Martin; Fred Kreitzer, Buddy Brennan, pianos

First Song Noodlin’ Rag

Well, the announcer says it’s “Noodlin’ Rag” and Kenny Gardner seems to be singing “Doodlin’ Rag”.  I ended up searching for the sheet music and found that the announcer is correct, because here it is in “red and white”.   And there’s really no question since Guy Lombardo’s picture is there!

Guy Lombardo's Picture On The Sheet Music For &Quot;Noodlin' Rag&Quot;

Guest Star Time 22

Starring Lawrence Welk and his Orchestra, with vocals by Roberta Lynn, Larry Hooper and the Sparklers

First Song Josephine

Don’t miss this one if you remember or like the Welk style.  It’s sure there, no question.

I think you’ll be pleased with the nice sound on these shows.



Label For Guest Star Time Kbr-22




So here is the  puzzle, folks. I’m hoping you can help.

We have an AFRS episode of the series “The Saint,” but I am unable to give it a date or a title.  Here is a sample.

It is not Vincent Price in the title role, nor is it Tom Conway or Barry Sullivan (going by the sound of the voice).  I’m otherwise unable to identify the lead actor.  So this might be a lost episode, considering that no other transcriptions of others as The Saint have made it to digital format.

So this is a point where I turn to our downloaders.  Can any of you offer help in identifying it?  Please leave a reply in our comments below.

By the way, this disc was only in fair shape, so I am putting in work getting rid of noise, by hand.  (Some sections that are very quiet are only quiet now because of that work.)

You’ll hear 5 seconds of dialogue (and hear that the lead performer is definitely not any of the actors I named above), then you’ll hear the same 5 seconds after cleanup.  This 5 seconds took me about 10 minutes, so you can imagine how long it might take me to clean the entire episode.

Please leave a comment below if you have access to information that will help identify this episode.

Thanks, and please enjoy the free downloads.

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    1. Thanks, Joe.

      I’ll see if there’s any good clues there. Otherwise, I’m on the prowl for a sample of the voices of all these other actors.

  1. Well, there were three other actors who also played The Saint and they are Terrance De Marney, Edgar Barrier and Brian Aherne. This according to Jerry Haendiges log on the series. However, I don’t know which one. Here is a link to Jerry’s log if you haven’t looked at it already.

    P.S. Thanks for the two new shows.

  2. I don’t know of any other actors that played The Saint other than Vincent Price or Tom Conway except for Terrance De Marney from the 1940 series or Edgar Barrier from the 1945 series for which I do not believe there are any episodes existing or Paul Rhys from the BBC set in 1995 for which there are 3 shows existing.

    However, I do know of another series that was put out and I believe it was also in 1940 with
    Dennis Greene starring as The Saint. The show was also introduced by Leslie Charteris
    and I do have a copy that is 25:17 in length. The title of the episode is “The Miracle Tea Party”.

    The snippet you have provided doesn’t appear to be that of Dennis Greene, but it is really hard to tell because it’s so short.

    Let me know if you can provide a longer sample to test or send me the file you have and I’ll see what I can find out.

    Best regards


    1. Thank you for your input, Art.

      I believe I have “The Miracle Tea Party” so I will see if the voices are the same.

      The mystery continues.

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