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vocalist Lucy Ann Polk

The Les Brown Show 13, 14


The building where our collections, including the discs and the equipment used to make the shows you’ve been downloading and enjoying, is being sold as part of bankruptcy proceedings.

If you want us to continue providing shows to you (and we have quite a few, most of which are unavailable in any encoded format), please visit the link below to learn how you can help.

We can only do this with everyone’s help.


These shows were on discs in such good shape, they needed virtually no cleanup or noise reduction. I worked a little extra hard, though, to get them to you right away. Please enjoy the dazzling sound of Les Brown’s big band and vocalists.

Vocalist Lucy Ann Polk

The U.S. Marine Corps presents The Les Brown Show with His Band of Renown

The Les Brown Show 13
First Song April Showers
Announcer, Jimmy Wallington; vocals by Lucy Ann Polk, Stumpy Brown


An all-music show, this appears to be a recruiting show, this time for the U.S. Marines. I’m not going to complain about the armed forces commercials, because the sound on this disc was beautiful and clear. I hope you like it.

Don’t miss the snappy versions of a few songs that might be quite new to those of us who are used to the usual popular songs of the day. This includes “The Land of Oo-Bla-Dee”, a song I’ve never heard before (and am still trying to puzzle out in my head – when you hear it, you’ll understand).

Les Brown Show 14
First Song Sometimes I’m Happy
Vocals by Lucy Ann Polk, Butch Stone


Label For Les Brown Show 13, 14
label for Les Brown Show 13, 14

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  1. Thanks for another.

    I think this is probably 1949.

    Goldin has a 1953 series which another site lists as 1954, but the lineup is totally different so that’s a different series.

    Firstly when I googled the only thing I could find with Les Brown and Lucy Ann Polk together is a CD called “The Uncollected Les Brown & His Orchestra, Vol. 2 (1949)”.

    Show 13
    01 April Showers [Song published 1921. Wiki says Les Brown did a version in 1949]
    02 Again [First released by Doris Day, Feb 1949, so this show can’t be any earlier]
    03 In The Land of Oo-Bla-Dee [Mary Lou Williams wrote it in 1945 for Dizzy Gilespie]
    04 Squawkin’ ‘Bout My Walkin’ [“A Les Brown original, by composer Frank Comstock”. A version appears on an album “Les Brown – Radio Years No. 29 1949 Vol. 2” and also “Les Brown – Uncollected Volume 3 1949 “]
    05 Leapfrog [“That famous Les Brown theme”]

    Show 14
    01 Sometimes I’m Happy [Les Brown released a version on 1949.]
    02 All The Things You Are [“A memorable composition of several seasons ago”. Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein 1939]
    03 Don’t Want No Labour In My Job [I can’t find any mention of this song on the net, assuming the announcer was announcing the title.]
    04 Heading For Home In A Caravan [Again no mention on the net, again assuming the announcer is saying the title.]

    I think 1949 crops up too many times for it to be anything else.

    1. You’re quite welcome, Chloe.

      Yes, this one just dazzled me when I recorded it a few weekends ago, and I decided to make sure it got to all of you quickly.

    1. Thank, Mike. And if you like this one, I guess you’ll like the others, too.

      Ooops! I let out a clue about something yet to come! πŸ™‚

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