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Guest Star 347, 348

While these episodes appear to be in circulation already, one appears to be in a lower-rate encoding.  We hope our encodings will offer you an alternate (and perhaps an upgrade) for your collections.

Our status in this building is still in question.  We are coming closer to being able to buy the building and would be very much helped by your pledges of support.

As before, we must ask that if you want to help us continue providing shows to you (and we have quite a few, most of which are unavailable in any encoded format), please visit the link below to learn how you can help.


Singer Jo Stafford, Unknown Date
Singer Jo Stafford, unknown date

Here, for the first time on this blog, are two episodes of “Guest Star”, shows produced by the United States Treasury Department.  As announced by Del Sharbutt (and others), these shows were provided to radio stations who gave up 15 minutes of their programming time to run these shows “in the public interest” to sell United States Savings Bonds.

This show ran well into the 1960’s, showcasing a few numbers (musical or otherwise) by a guest artist.

Some of these shows should be of interest to people who like instrumentals of this period.  I’m guessing that the numbers played by the “house” orchestra are arrangements made for this show, and probably unavailable elsewhere.  Does anyone reading this blog know any information about this?

So, in memory of the recently-departed singer, Tony Martin, here is a recording he made for broadcast in 1953, on the reverse side of one by singer Jo Stafford.  (Martin lived to age 98, and Stafford lived to 90.  Wow!)

Download link: Guest Star 347 531115 Jo Stafford
First Song Someone’s Been Reading My Mail
with Paul Weston and his Orchestra
(Stafford does an especially sweet version of “All the Things You Are” in this show.)

Label Of Guest Star 347 Transcription Disc

Singer Tony Martin With Wife Cyd Charisse Pose Poolside, Unknown Date
Singer Tony Martin with wife, dancer/actress Cyd Charisse, unknown date


Download link: Guest Star 348 531122 Tony Martin
First Song Sorta on the Border
With Henri Rene and his Orchestra
(Don’t miss the dance number “Magdalena” that includes some “breaks”, pauses where the whole ensemble is silent for a moment – very fun.)

Label Of Guest Star 348 Transcription Disc

More episodes of Guest Star can be found at Rand’s blog here:

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