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News – 121129

This is an interim post to let you know where we stand so you’ll know we’re still working to get you more downloads.  Plus, we have a piece of good news!

First off, our equipment problems are working themselves out gradually, so we seem to be on a more regular schedule of encoding our discs for you.

Broken Crane, But This Is Not Our Problem
No, this is not our problem.

This means we’ll be able to offer you free downloads on a more regular basis.  I’ve even found out that one of our older downloads might be improved upon, so you might be getting a better version of an older offering.

So, on to the good news:

Someone who knows about our organization has made some hints about new discs for our collection.  Now I haven’t seen what this person wants to give or has to offer, so I’d like some input from you now.

Transcription Disc With Question Mark On Label

Assuming the donor lets me choose, what sort of shows do you think I should be asking for?

Are there ones you like more than others?  Are there ones that are especially valued by you, our downloaders?

Are there types of shows you like?  (Remember, if you say something to us about it now, you might just see it happen!)

Please leave a comment letting me know your input.


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  1. It’s really hard to suggest types of programs without some idea of what’s available. Collectors tend to have very specific shows they are looking for. However, in line with your particular role as a Bay Area and California group, I’d suggest trying to get shows originating from local stations and the Pacific Coast Network. You may run into some transcribed series that are not yet in circulation. Personally, I am interested in news programming as I am working on a thesis and dissertation on radio and politics from1933-1947.
    All best–you are doing the good work.
    Steve Kostelecky

    1. Thanks for your comment, Steve.

      Yes, it’s true that you could make better suggestions if you knew what is being offered. I feel the same, not knowing what the potential donor is going to offer.

      I thought I would ask because it is helpful to know what people like, because I might only be looking for what strikes me as worthwhile. Knowing what our downloaders want broadens our choices.

      And please stay tuned to my next update. It will include information about a show that fits into your interests in radio and politics from exactly the years you’ve named.

  2. first, thanks for all the work! i like jazz! there are so many otr-shows with jazz in it or otr-jazz-shows that are not in regular circulation. and they are often musically different from the studio versions of the same artist. jazz or swing or big band. thanks in advance and good luck for the project.

    keep boppin´

    1. Thanks for your input, Marcel. When folks say what they want, I can be sure to look for them.

      And thanks for the clarification about “jazz or swing or big band”, because that broadens the category enough that I think I’ll probably find some.

  3. Thanks for the update. I didn’t get the follow-up post email notice or I would have responded. I am very much looking forward to your next posts. Thanks for your work.

    1. You’re welcome, Steve. I hope you saw the next news update I mentioned above. Coupled with the info from your above request will give you a few clues about what that upcoming show is.

      And we’re all a little new to using these web pages, so if you didn’t get a notice you perhaps signed up for, please let me know and I will look into it.

  4. Thanks for the information. I’m still not getting notices so I have to use the link from Times Past 121129 to get here.

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