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The Jerry Gray Show 23, 24

Bandleaders Artie Shaw And Jerry Gray
Bandleaders Artie Shaw and Jerry Gray, unknown date.

We are still recovering from our equipment problems, folks, but we still have shows to offer you in the meantime.  And, of course, we are still coping with our problem keeping our museum home.

Your help by making a pledge, would be very much appreciated.  See the “Help CHRS Purchase KRE” link under the Join/Donate button in the blue ribbon above.  Or visit this link for more information.

We will continue to offer you these radio show downloads as long as we are able. 

But since we are a little behind, would you settle for yet another music program with beautiful sound?  This time it’s another big band, only Jerry Gray this time.

The U.S. Marine Corps Presents Jerry Gray and His Band of Today
vocals Tommy Traynor, Betty Taylor (incorrectly listed as Gloria Woods on the label)

The Jerry Gray Show 23
First Song Laughing Eyes

A surprising arrangement of “Holiday for Strings” appears on this broadcast.

The Jerry Gray Show 24
First Song After You’ve Gone

Please enjoy the free downloads.



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  1. Thank you folks for sharing all of these shows. It’s groups like you that make it possible for EVERYONE to enjoy these shows instead of just one person or a select group of collectors who only share shows amongst themselves. Cheers to you all for such a generous gesture.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment, Harlow.

      It makes it worthwhile when we get to hear from our downloaders, especially with the hard work we have to put into some shows (like a probably-uncirculated, kind-of noisy episode of a mystery series that I hope to have up next week).

      1. I understand how much time and effort it takes to get each episode ready for uploading and sharing. Thanks again!

    1. Nice to hear from someone connected to these recordings.

      Thanks for posting, and make sure to keep up with us, because there is more Jerry Gray to come.


  2. I’m a great admirer of Jerry Gray and have what I believe are all the available CDs
    Plus a few good 78s, too. I wonder what’s become of that fabulous 1950s library of arrangements

    1. I cannot answer your question, Paul, but perhaps one of the people reading this can.

      Keep an eye on this space in case one of them does, and keep an eye on our postings here for more Jerry Gray.

      Thanks for your comment.

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