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G.I. Jive 659, 660

Martha Wilkerson, Bing Crosby, Unknown Date
Martha Wilkerson, Bing Crosby, unknown date

These two episodes have not been located in any encoded format.

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This AFRS-produced program was a “disc-jockey” format, where a host (or hostess, in this case) played recordings, by request from people serving in the armed forces. The show title is taken from the Johnny Mercer song “G.I. Jive”.

G.i. Jive Sheet Music Cover, Depicting A Soldier In Front Of A Pile Of Unpeeled Potatoes, Dancing To Music, Holding A Picture Of A Woman, And Being Glared At By A Sergeant

The hostess of these shows is Martha Wilkerson, who went by the name “G.I. Jill” on the show.

All episodes of this series we have were all in fair shape, but we decided to offer them here because they are not known to be available in a digital format for listeners.

Download links:
GI Jive 659 First Song Do Nothin’ Till You Hear from Me (Stan Kenton)

GI Jive 660 First Song One O’Clock Jump (Count Basie)

Disc Label, G.i. Jive 660

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  1. Who sings Besame Mucho? She announces it as what sounds like “Carneen”, searching doesnt find anything, maybe it’s a weird spelling?

    1. We don’t have any way of evaluating discs, ourselves. We usually just look on auction websites to see how much things are selling for. Sorry.

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