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Old-fashioned newsboy on a streetcorner

Project News 20130127

Old-Fashioned Newsboy On A Streetcorner

A Find:

While we do know the titles of all the discs in our collection that are labeled, we are only now learning what exactly is on them.  One recent encoding turned up something pretty rare in the OTR world.

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Mail Call 119

The disc we had of this show was quite dirty, requiring careful hand cleaning, and some trickery with the tonearm to preserve dialogue that would have been skipped over due to some heavy scratches. Then we found we had another copy of this show, in wonderful shape! 

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News 121206

We have updated two of the download links from earliest days of this blog, so now they can be downloaded problem-free.  They are the shows listed below: Hildegarde Dinah Shore Thanks for your patience while we dealt with the hiccups…

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