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Dinah Shore 39

Dinah Shore, Circa 1942

The only encoding that I was able to locate of this exact program was in 32 Kbps and in fair condition, so please enjoy this new, cleaner transfer at this higher bitrate.

This episode, AFRS’ edited version of “Birds Eye Open House” is dated by RadioGoldIndex as December 12, 1944, but also shows an AFRS broadcast with a “Gaslight” spoof and guest Groucho Marx dated October 12, 1944, so it is not clear to me how to date it properly. It might have been easy not to question Marx appearing again (he was a guest many times on her show), but doing the same first song and sketch? It’s not clear which date is correct.

It was a real pleasure to record this disc. It was in wonderful shape and took very little time to clean.

This is the only AFRS Dinah Shore/Birdseye Open House show in our collection at this time. More can be found at Rand’s website here.

This was one of a set of discs donated to CHRS in 2011, from the estate of Arthur Jim Sandler. We are grateful to the estate both for keeping these discs in such good shape, and for donating them to a place where they will receive good care, and be enjoyed by listeners like you.

New link (December 2012):  Dinah Shore 39 Guests Groucho Marx, Butterfly McQueen

First Song How Many Hearts Have You Broken (Dinah Shore)

[I don’t have the label picture to post right now. I will have to upload it later.]


And here’s those clues about an upcoming download. See if you can give a guess at the answers. Go on, give a try!

Quiz: Can you guess any of the guest stars, or the name of the show, of one of our upcoming downloads?

  • Clue 1: This episode’s M.C. is someone who is no longer alive (no surprise there, probably), and has a child who is famous. That child’s fame, though, came in a very different medium from that of the parent.
  • Clue 2: Three of the guests later got their own TV shows that ran at the same time. But it was only 2 shows that ran at that same time, not three. (This should give you a clue about the relationship of 2 of the guests.)

I’ll help, answer questions and give more clues as your guesses appear in the comments below (no sign-up needed). As more correct guesses pile up, you’ll eventually be able to find the show in the RadioGoldIndex.

(Also, the fact that I said “this episode’s M.C.” might give you a clue about the kind of show it is.)

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  1. Thanks! I’m a big fan of Groucho (& the Marx Brothers) and I knew he’d appeared on the show on this date as I’d seen it in episode guides but was one that had eluded me so far.
    I think the Oct 12 date is the correct one. Goldin seems to have quite a few duplicates in his lists, and it looks like he’s got the same show there listed as 2 dates. It’s only inevitable that you’d get duplicates though, with such a large collection collected over a long period of time.

    1. Thanks for your input, Dan.

      I’ll keep your comment here so downloaders can decide how they want to label their copy.

  2. Looked up both dates (October 12 and December 12) in the New York Times radio listings. October 12 was a Thursday and Groucho Marx is listed as guest on Dinah Shore’s program. December 12 was a Tuesday and Dinah wasn’t listed as airing that night. Her show aired that week on Thursday, December 14, with Dorothy Lamour and Vera Vague listed as her guest stars. Hope that helps clear up the confusion about the dates.

    1. Thanks for helping out with the date of this show, Randy.

      Now that I know that I can look in the runoff to confirm the date, I will do so, as soon as all the discs come out of storage (which will come sooner if everyone can make a donation to help out buying our new building).

      Look for an update then!

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