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vocalist Lucy Ann Polk

May 26, 2013

Can any of you possibly stand to hear another one of these shows that has dazzlingly clear sound?

Based on research by downloader “Dan”, from our last post of Les Brown shows, these probably date from 1949.

So that’s over 60 years these discs have been kept in storage and in fine shape for you to enjoy.  It’s work by volunteers through the years (work that still needs your support), since 1974 that have made it possible to supply these downloads to you.  Please make a donation to support this museum and these downloads.

Vocalist Lucy Ann Polk

The U.S. Marine Corps presents The Les Brown Show with His Band of Renown

The Les Brown Show 9
Vocals by Butch Stone and Lucy Ann Polk
First Song Pell Mell

Picture Of Modern London Street, With Foggy Background

The Les Brown Show 10
Vocals by Stumpy Brown and Lucy Ann Polk
First Song A Foggy Day

To download these shows click on the link attached to the words “work that still needs your support” above.

Disc Labell For Les Brown Show 9
To open the file, use the first letter of every letter in the sentence just before the photo of Lucy Ann Polk.  All letters are lowercase.  Use an underline in place of the word “and”.

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  1. Hey Ace and the Gang,
    I’m sorry I haven’t been downloading or commenting lately–I’m back home on the Zuni reservation and I don’t have broadband so I’ll have to wait until I return to the big city before I’ll be very active again.
    I do want you to know I’m very grateful for all the hard work and research that go into your downloads–it is much appreciated and important historically and for the hobby. I’ll donate when I get the dough in the fall.
    Again, many thanks.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Steve.

      I hope others will join you donating and commenting. Both are much appreciated.


      1. Thanks again to all the staff who make these possible. Just wanted to let you know that the picture that is posted with these downloads is not a picture of Lucy Ann Polk it is a picture of 1940’s – 50’s actress Ella Raines

        1. You’re very welcome, Harlow.

          And thank you for your correction. Like last time, I’m relying on research done back when I first started on this project. We could use you as a volunteer, too!

          I have now fixed the image.

  2. Hi, I saw the email and came in here and saw all these great webpages and tried to get to the ~54Meg download and decided to cancel, then got redirected to a major advertising site? Are their individual audio recordings or just this one big file? Afraid to click around now ;-/ . . .

    Thx, Nice layout tho!


    1. Thank you for making your first visit to our web pages. I hope you get to hear both the recordings we have up already, and those to come as well.

      I will contact you privately to help you with your problem.

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