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Sheet music cover of "Song of India"

May 18, 2013

Once again, we can offer you some uncirculated shows from this series.

Unfortunately, these 2 episodes suffered some of the worst damage of all the discs in our collection.

But since they are unavailable in any digital format, we can be grateful that they survived.

Sheet Music Cover Of &Quot;Song Of India&Quot;
G.I. Jive 661 First Song Song of India

G.I. Jive 662 First Song Stompin’ at the Savoy

Vintage Picture Of Savoy Ballroom Marquee
To download these files, click on the picture of the Savoy ballroom sign above.

Record Label - G.i. Jive 661-662

Portion Of Guest Star 662 Label To open the files, use the first letter of every word in the second sentence below; use an underline in place of the semi-colon.

Our pledge drive continues and is still short.  Your donation will help these downloads remain for you; please make a pledge.

Ace Acetate


This Post Has 8 Comments

    1. You’re very welcome, Ghemrats!

      And thank you for leaving a comment. It means a lot to us who work to bring these to you.

  1. Thanks very much — These are GI Jive shows, though they are marked as Mail Call shows in the blogpost.

    The are listed as circulating in the Jerry Haendiges log
    111 “STOMPIN’ AT THE SAVOY” 623 :15:00
    111 “SONG OF INDIA” 661 :15:00

    But, he has “Stompin’ at the Savoy” listed as a different show number. Can you post the image of the disc label just for completeness sake?

    Is there a more detailed log of this series?

    1. I referred to these as “uncirculating” because they don’t seem to be circulating in an encode format. But otherwise, it looks like you caught me in more than one error here. (I think these were transferred and written up back when I was new to this.)

      I’ll fix the text of the post. And my recollection is that the label on the other side was hard to read, and I might well have just assumed it to be 662.

      I will check the disc on the next volunteer day, which for me will be June 8.

      Thanks for your proofing of the post, Mr. Webb. We could use you as a volunteer!

    2. I have posted an image of the label above, Joe.

      While some of these labels got worn, or were printed awkwardly and not easily readable, this one sure look like 662 to me.

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