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Radio Day on the Bay 2021 – Aboard the USS Hornet

1B9B29Fb 2F0E 45E0 96Af Ee21Bd4048Be 1 105 C E1640316983406 Dan & Patti Healy & Mike Loper Bringing Sound Equipment Up The Lift To The Hanger Deck

89A7C1Cd 4461 4835 998E D0Cba9E4F5Bc 1 105 C Dan Sets Up The Piano

B55Fb762 Dfd0 40C9 B778 2778Adf22Ce9 1 105 C Speakers Ready To Be Raised

88510D2B 9Cdb 4230 9165 Ca2C92Defdee 1 105 C Keith Scott & Mike Loper Set Up While Ben Fong-Torres & George Yamasaki Rehearse

7B16Ddab 62F2 4213 927C 64Da2Ae4Bfad 1 105 C Ready To Go

Hornet Tiff02Web Walt Hayden, Radios & Airplanes!

Hornet Tiff05Web Our Volunteers: Richard Watts, Betty Cosmos, Len Shapiro, Jon Winchell, Joe Araujo & Seth Arp

Hornet Tiff07Web Seth, Philip Monego & Judy Girardi

Hornet Tiff09Web Auction Radios & The Hornet’s Enormous Hanger Deck

Hornet Tiff26Web The Auction Begins

Hornet Tiff30Web Kent Leech Shows Tradio

Hornet Tiff36Web Our Excellent Auctioneer Rosie Lee Allen

Hornet Tiff34Web Ben Fong Torres, George Yamasaki & Kurt Huget Play Holiday Tunes – Chris Chapman On Camera

838Acf4B 57C6 4Aa4 B0D9 Ff714460Ad28 1 105 C Peter Cleaveland & Joe Starkey Present A 1969 Newscast

Hornet Tiff42Web The Radio Dog Theater: “Out For Christmas” – Rick Rubin Sound – Peter Finch Director – Steve Kushman Producer

1Dbc5A03 Fe9A 46A1 8F7A Fd6Bdb8A3739 1 105 C Cast Sings Kent Cigarette Commercial

0A31184D B94B 4Bed A5A9 71545820910D 1 105 C Elaine Leung, Peter Finch, Steve Kushman, Holly Quan, Joe Starkey, Michael Bennett, Sam Van Zandt, Alisa Clancy, Susie Davis & Ben Fong -Torres

Hornet Tiff43Web Little Lucy And Mikey

69Ca3862 Ead1 46Bc B02B 32552788Fd5A 1 105 C Don Neely’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra

Hornet Tiff44Web Philip Monego – CHRS Volunteer Of The Year 2020

Hornet Tiff45Web Jim Fink – CHRS Volunteer Of The Year 2021

3Da2Bb42 3136 449E 850A Fc4Bcbf2567B Alan Bowker, Dan Ethen & Juan Rivera

A3B3Fee2 67E0 42Be 9E50 4Fa64803867B 1 105 C 2021 Don Sherwood Award Winner John Evans With Holly Quan, Peter Finch And Alisa Clancy