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vocalist Connee Boswell

June 8, 2013

You’ll be pleased to know that these appear to be an unavailable in any encoded format.

This encoding was done a while ago, but we’ve held onto it until we were ready to make it available to you, just like the museum held onto all these discs.

All of the work here was done by volunteers, who can  continue giving these to you only if we can raise enough money to keep our museum building.

We can only do this with your help, so please make a donation.

Singer Gordon Macrae, Unknown Date

Guest Star 343
October 18, 1953
Starring Gordon MacRae, with Carmen Dragon and his Orchestra
First Song If I Loved You

Dragon and MacRae both were performing together, at the time of this broadcast, in the radio series “The Railroad Hour.”

Advertisement Of Railroad Hour Radio Show

If you like their performances here, you should check out the series, which is mostly half-hour versions of contemporary stage musicals.

Guest Star 344
October 25, 1953
Starring Connee Boswell, with Harry Sosnick and the Savings Bond Orchestra
First Song Concha de Amor (orchestra)

Vocalist Connee Boswell

Boswell’s first song is “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter.”  The announcer mentions that her second song is from her “new album.”  Does anyone know if the guest vocals here are all from outside recordings, or if some were done especially for these broadcasts?  (The “Savings Bond Orchestra” recordings seem to be new, but I’m not sure.)

Disc Label For Guest Star 343-4

To download these shows, click on the picture of the disc label for the link.

To open this file, use the first letter of every word in the sentence immediately before Gordon MacRae’s picture, all lowercase letters.  Use a hyphen in place of the comma.

Ace Acetate

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