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On this page, interviews by Cheryl Jennings, KGO Anchor, video production by David Billeci. These will be on the CHRS YouTube Page and embedded here as they are completed. Some of this group was taped at KRE in Berkeley at “Radio Day by the Bay, July 2013. There is also a page with audio interviews, more of our living history:

Ben Fong Torres – Became almost famous as a reporter and editor for Rolling Stone, but has always held radio near and dear to his heart as an on-air personality (KSAN, KFRC, KQED-FM, KUSF) and Radio Waves columnist. Served as managing editor of Gavin, the pioneering radio and recording industry trade publication. Author of numerous books, including The Hits Just Keep On Coming: The History of Top 40 Radio.

Stan Burford – A native San Franciscan, Stan started in radio at KBCO – FM in 1961. Then was part of Sherwood’s team at KSFO during the “The World’s Greatest Radio Station” days in the mid ‘60s. In 1980 Stan began reporting traffic on KGO, 810 AM, earning the well-deserved title of undesputed dean of Bay Area traffic reporters.

Terry McGovern – Arrived in SF from KDKA Pittsburgh in 1968 to become one of the greatest stars of star studded KSFO-AM. His next stop was rock powerhouse KSAN-FM “The Jive 95”, under the direction of Tom Donahue. Terry later worked mornings at K-101 and KSFO/KYA-FM.

Rosie Allen – Began her local radio career at KNEW and KNBR. She moved to KSFX in 1976 as public affairs director. Rosie joined KGO in 1977 as weekend talk show host and part-time news reporter/anchor. In 1984 became co-anchor of KGO’s afternoon newscast for 26 years.

Carter B. Smith – SF born Carter Blakemore Smith, an intern at KSAN-AM in the mid ‘50s, then went to Red Bluff for his first full time on-air job. Next was KRE-AM & FM, ’58 to ’62 & KSFR later. Then CB became sidekick, foil & substitute for Don Sherwood, worked three separate stints at KSFO over the years, moved to KNBR, KFRC-Magic 61 & KABL.

Dave Sholin – A SF State graduate, Dave “The Duke” Sholin started at San Jose’s KLIV-AM and KARA-FM. Known for having a “golden ear,” he was hired by KFRC as music director, was named Music Director of the Year by the Gavin Report and complied a string of seven consecutive Billboard Major Market Top 40 Station of the Year awards for KFRC

Waldo Boyd, SOWP

Harry O

Jane Morrison, a radio broadcasting pioneer for her groundbreaking role as the longtime community affairs director of KNBR San Francisco. KGO-TV Channel 7 News anchor Cheryl Jennings interviews this fascinating 2013 inductee in the Bay Area Hall of Fame at the July 2012 “KRE Radio Day by the Bay” Open House

Roy Trumbull

Bruno Zucconi