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vintage sheet music cover for "Mimi"

September 21, 2013

Here’s another program meant to recruit folks into the United States Armed Services, this time the Air Force.

Serenade in Blue
Sgt. Bill Jones, baritone
The Singing Sergeants
The Air Force Symphony Orchestra

Usaf Recruiting Poster Of Flying Jets, Reading &Quot;Go Higher, Farther, Faster&Quot;

Serenade in Blue 81
First Song If This Isn’t Love

Vintage Sheet Music Cover For &Quot;If This Isn't Love&Quot;

Those of you familiar with David Rose’s program “California Melodies” will enjoy hearing his tune “The Dance of the Spanish Onion” on this episode.  It and one other tune are both arranged in instrumental styles very much like what was heard on that program.

Vintage Sheet Music Cover For &Quot;Dance Of The Spanish Onion&Quot;

Serenade in Blue 82
First Song Mimi

Vintage Sheet Music Cover For &Quot;Mimi&Quot;

To download the file, click on the sheet music of “If This Isn’t Love”.

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