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black and white photo of two hands resting on a book that is on a speaker's lectern

September 30, 2013


Let’s take a break from the usual laughter and “jitterbugging” and listen to something different.

Swing music comes out of these speakers so often it makes for a nice change to hear something slow and peaceful.

Black And White Photo Of Two Hands Resting On A Book That Is On A Speaker's Lectern
It’s not hard to imagine that there were a large number of women and men in the armed forces who were religious, and missed the ritual of worship.   That, I think, must have been what these programs helped provide.  (You are reading me conjecture here because I can’t find much information on this series.)


Hymns from Home 135
First Song He Lives within My Heart

Hymns from Home 136
First Song My Saviour, First of All

My goodness but this disc had some deep scratches!  I had to try to alleviate some in the playback process, working the needle carefully.  I had to pre-test the visible ones, and practice with the needle to prevent any material from going un-recorded.  Especially important were the names of soldiers read “on the air”.

(What I want to know is:  what were folks doing to these discs?  Using them as a game board to play Tiddleywinks with their pocket knives?  Honestly.)

For one show, I ended up having to record it in sections, then assemble the acceptable takes into a completed show.  This was a lot of work, work I didn’t look forward to at all, but I did finish.

Af Anniversary Concert Airs Nationwide Nov. 2
I did my best for you, and took the better part of my usual volunteer day just making the transfer, and almost as much time editing, assembling and cleaning up the file.  And while I thought that some were just too difficult to fix, I ended up with what sounds like uninterrupted shows.

Though it was my guess that these shows would be less-popular with our downloaders, I treated this transfer with the same care I put into the more popular shows, probably more.  So the volunteers here are hoping you will treat CHRS like more-popular things you you have to pay to have in your life.  Downloaders’ donations will keep these shows coming to you.

Hands Holding Scrabble Tiles, Spelling &Quot;Please&Quot;

And yes, I know this sounds an awful lot like a church asking for an offering, but that’s not out of place considering the show you’re going to hear, now is it?

Disc Label For Hymns From Home 135

To download the file, click on the picture of the hands on the book.

To open the file, type the first letter of every word in the sentence after “things you have to pay to have in your life.”  Use all lowercase and put a hyphen in place of the apostrophe.

Ace Acetate

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