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Singer Dick Haymes

September 8, 2013

These are a couple of rare shows, and we’re especially lucky to have them survive.

 You’ll see from the picture that this disc had real damage: a chip off the outer edge.

Transcription Disc With Large Chip Missing From The Edge
Luckily some concentration and practice got me a good recording that included the title announcement at the beginning.


Wwii Era Ad, Detail Pay Rates For Navy Waves

Navy Star Time
With Buzz Adlam and his Orchestra

And good thing, too, since there don’t seem to be very many of these shows out there.  One does exist, but only in a lower encoding; the other I cannot find available in any digital format.

And too bad, too, because it’s that swell Dinah Shore.

Dinah Shore, Circa 1942

Otherwise, too, the disc was in only fair shape, so I had some hard work ahead of me, both preventing skips and repeats on the turntable, and fixing some later in the computer.  Even so, I was able to get rid of only so much before bringing it to you.

I hope the downloaders appreciate the time that goes into getting these to you, especially with a cleanup like this.   A donation to help us would go a long way to showing us your appreciation, and keep these shows coming to you.  

Special thanks go out to downloader Steve, who announced his contribution in our last post.

Singer Dick Haymes

Navy Star Time 23
Starring Dick Haymes
First Song Gypsy in My Soul

(Does anybody else think Haymes (a singer I like generally) sounds flat in this recording?)

Navy Star Time 24
Starring Dinah Shore
First Song I’m Comin’ Virginia

And if you like Dinah here, don’t miss our other offering of her in our previous offering.

Disc Label For Navy Star Time 23

To download this file, click on the link in the words “A donation to us” above.

To open the zip file, type the words “This download is free” (all lowercase, with a hyphen between every word).

And as ever, please do not re-post our files or the link above. Please link others to this page, as a courtesy for the hard work we do to bring people to this website.

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  1. Dick Haymes, who was undoubtedly a great voice, will forever be remembered by myself and others and the guy that beat up Rita Hayworth. Such a shame.

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