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We are pleased to report that CHRS / BARM is the proud recipient of a $75,000 donation from CHRS Life member Norman Leal. Thank You Norm! Your generosity is deeply appreciated by every member of this organization. This donation means a great deal to our Directors. The work we have done at KRE and with CHRS / BARM is being recognized to be important enough for people to entrust us with a substantial contribution. Our passion for preserving radio seems to be contagious. This is good. Norm would like to see the money used as seed money to raise enough to buy KRE… Stand by!

The staff and membership of CHRS / BARM also wish to thank our Landscape Operations Manager Larry Drees for his recent $1600 donation towards the purchase of the KRE building. It’s nice to know that our members the have confidence in us to make these sizeable donations. When you see Norm and Larry, be sure to thank them for their generous contributions.

Remember that CHRS / BARM cannot exist on dues alone. It is donations that really fuel our engine. So, when you fill out your renewal forms, please donate heavily. And by the way, if you are a Life Member, we need you to fill out the renewal form so you can send your yearly donation. Thank You!

We also received some important equipment donations last year. Chief among them was from former long time KFOG Morning Man, Dave Morey, 2010 Class – Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. After thoroughly enjoying an extensive tour of our KRE museum, Dave donated a vintage RCA 44BX ribbon microphone with the RCA base and “Property of NBC Engineering Department” tag. This mic came from the KNBC, (pre KNBR), studio in San Francisco by way of Frank Dill and engineer Bill Ruck. Dave also donated his KFOG varsity staff jacket. These donations are just too cool and we can’t thank Dave enough.

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