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Sinclair MTV-1 Micro-TV Restoration – by John Staples W6BM

After restoring the world’s largest B&W TV, the monumental 1952 30 inch DuMont Royal Sovereign, I restored the world’s smallest TV, a 1978 2 inch Sinclair MTV-1 pocket TV. This hand-held TV, produced in England, features both European and American TV standards, an internal battery pack of 4 NiCads, and a 2-inch CRT.

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  1. Hello,

    thanks for this article…I have a broken MTV1 and I want to try to repair it. But how can I get the chassis outside? The problem is the foot of the antenna…

    Can you explain me the secret of that?

    1. Hi I’m in Australia, and have 2 MTV1 Sinclair micro B&W 2” TVs both have a faulty power IC ST3 schematic reference IC401, no one can supply this IC, or provide replacement info, I cannot find a substitute or listing in any of my old books, I think it is a Texas Instruments chip with Sinclair ID stamped on it, can you please help with a supplier or substitute information, many thanks John..

  2. The manual isn’t quite clear enough about removing the VHF antenna. It should read: pry up on antenna with some force and it will come out. Also, remove the plastic trim piece by prying gently up. This MUST be removed before chassis will slide out.

  3. I just purchased an MTV-1 Sinclair TV that looks like it got little use. When I power it up, the CRT lights up, but dims completely after 30 seconds. Does this TV still need a working battery to use even when plugged into the wall wart?

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