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Anchor The Radio Central Facade Project Update

 Radio Central Facade Restoration Update 

 Exploration Complete 

 NEW  – The Alameda Building inspector checked out our openings in the facade and concluded that the 1900 portion of the building is in very good condition… being 124 years old! He finalized our Exploration Permit so we hope to submit our complete set of drawings and plans to the City for review next week.

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We Are On Our Way Back To 1900!

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Construction Manager Tidys Up After Cutting In 2nd Opening

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Front Stairs Were Connected Here & A Peek Inside The Building. 

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Close Up Of The Opening – Looking Inside In The Photo Above You Can See The Nicely Preserved Original 124 Year Old Wood Detail,(below). The Yellowish Area Below Is The Original Window Into The Great Room, Painted Years Ago
Exploration Begins! 
 Seth Arp & your editor cut the first of 2 exploration holes into the false facade of CHRS Radio Central. We were pleased with the condition of the original 1900 structure and details that we discovered behind the false front, which was added in the 1950s. From the original photos of the 1900 building, we surmised that the decorative angled panels under the main windows were stucco. This would have been difficult to duplicate, as we have one panel missing. Well, upon inspection, we found the remaining panel is wooden, in place for 124 years, in very good condition and easy to duplicate! We were able to verify John Stuart’s measurements and they were very close to his measurements through the closed wall. We will enlarge this opening and add another in the middle so we can see how the new old central stairway will be attached.
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Seth Arp Removes Stucco & False Facade
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Close Up Of The Opening – See The Thickness Of The False Facade. Looking Inside The Dark Area In The Photo Above You Can See The Nicely Preserved Original 124 Year Old Wood Detail,(below). The Yellowish Area Below Is The Original Window Into The Great Room, Painted Years Ago.1D481E5F 1A4B D384 820D 04E9E6E45B06

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Exploration Begins! 

CHRS & Radio Central has received our Exploration Permit from the City of Alameda. This permit enables us to cut 2, 3 foot by 3 foot holes into the false front to verify measurements, attachments and existing stucco trim underneath. If we find no surprises… we are only days away from filing for the complete job permit. This is very exciting. Exploratory surgery scheduled for Saturday. See our last report:
Well… Nothing is easy… especially if one wants to accomplish a task in the best and most aaapopriate fashion. We learn that there is much more involved with this project than the interior Great Room project. We are very close to submitting our plans to the Alameda Building Department to obtain our building permit. We have a terrific team involved. Pictured below are:
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E.D. Rachel Lee, Dylan & Mike Morrison – contractors, John Stuart – draftsman, Mark Hulbert – architect, Vincent Wu – structural engineer… And Zoey 🙂
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Mark Checks Out Inspection Opening In The False Front Wall.
Below are 5 of the 16  pages of plans and drawings prepared by John Stuart with imput from Vincent and Mark. Hopefully by Radio Day we will have our new facade complete. And you can help.
For our main donation page and select Facade Restoration Fund.
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