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 “There’s Something Happening Here”…  It’s Big Construction At Radio Central 
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             Radio Central Today                                             Radio Central Soon


This Will Change CHRS Radio Central Forever… And We Want You To Be Part Of It!

OK here is the scoop. We are coming up on 9 years of ownership of 2152 Central Avenue in Alameda. Now known as CHRS Radio Central. In that time we have done a great job as a volunteer organization of restoring and improving many parts of our facility. All work was done up to code and all seismic and ADA standards were followed.

We have been scrimping and saving and now it’s time to face our last hurdles to make Radio Central truly a fully functioning venue for CHRS and the public. The last two related projects are the largest and most expensive we have undertaken. Let’s face it… we are not getting any younger and the price of material and construction keeps going up.

So, get ready for a remodeled and upgraded Great Room and… The restoraion of our 1900 California Mission Revival style facade! Holy Cow! What a big deal. Yes it is and we need your help, please. As with all projects at Radio Central, we have had fund raising campaigns to drive the efforts along. This time we are starting a little late but still need more of the generous donations we have traditionally received from our members and supporters. And more… We are looking at a budget of around $350,000+. Yikes! See why we need you? There are naming possibilities for large donations. Be a part of this one of a kind location and make a generous contribution. Thank you!

What are these projects? Many people have donated but we can use much more. Remember it’s a great project you are helping too fund.

Phase One: Is the Great Room being restored to its original 1900 appearance. New drywall, new efficient windows, (sash sliders and top half rounds), rebuilt wainscoting, replaced moldings & window trims, baseboards, flooring and paint.

Phase Two Is Starting: Includes demolishing the 1950s false flat front of the building. Demolishing the 1950s added entrance doorway structure. Repositioning our ADA entrance door. Restoring all front windows. Rebuilding concrete and brick front stairs. Rebuilding the entrance doorway into the Great Room. Repairing and recreating stucco trim pieces and soffits as needed.


Please Select Facade Restoration Fund. Many people have donated but we can use much more. Remember it’s a great and lasting project that you are helping to fund.

Here’s How It Happened:

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The CHRS Collection Is Under WrapsBcc12Feb 8319 A9Da 4B86 Bfae04D2B499

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That’s Carpenter Steve From BA Morrison, Our Contractor

8819Cabf E0E3 113D 3Dd1 180834594E05
Preparing The Walls For Sheetrock
140D1631 9Bf9 8406 Ea18 244Dbca68D37
Lots Of Drywall… 130 Sheets!
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892D99Db A19C Cfbe 0De5 5F4B62933F61
First Piece Up
4Ff25401 Ad7D 8240 706D 63F4E44B2B07

84Bdaa09 2556 6A41 2A85 0B45Bf42E19E
Daredevil Drywaller… Looks Like He’s Been Here Before
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Drywall In Place… Waiting For Texture
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6D094Eaa 33B7 2D82 8Fbe Cf4A34D6Ee6F

Creating Matching 1900 Beadboard On Site  
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21628714 9D90 C845 2704 470Ca4B01942

Attaching Matching Beadboard Wainscoting

1A1B45C1 Cd27 6825 1941 E8651552Cf62
More Arched Moldings Going Up. Some Are 123 Year Old Oak.
Some Are New Styrofoam. Can You Tell Which Is Which?

2980D769 D76C 931C F426 Ca2196F52E1D

Cf129F3F De70 De42 Ffe8 82A83F8Cfe9F
That’s Martin Painting Over 200 Feet Of Crown Molding

Ac1D3Cb4 26B5 F154 F4B5 68E8Bb001918

20Af48Bf E425 E5A4 5276 Aacaa358957C
Well Done!

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Taping The Drywall

113B09E2 E1F5 Fd09 0491 295B558Adf40
Wall Texture Done & New Arched Moldings Installed

0775481F Dfc5 Efe0 7710 F61E156C662DNew Arched Window Molding

63A83A0F F7Ae 79C4 25Ea 923Ef180266F
Bob Urhammer & Dave Billeci Paint Our
Baseboard Molding With Our RCA Gray Accent Color

C6Cd9Ee7 5158 1124 99C8 Ec16533Fca80
Ready For Ceiling Painting  

D836403E Fd85 3212 Baec 35D268C8Ef7B
Painting Begins 

02F4B773 35B9 0807 Ee11 B7B63905Dad2

Cf48A9A7 971B 35C2 0C0C Ac20D5A39A82
The Flat Black Black Will Make Our Ceiling Dissappear…
And Keeping It Open Gives Us Great Flexibility

872B2Eb3 D641 71B7 9A51 B00Bba85Fc23
Our New Windows Are Here! Yay! 

1Ced04De Fb9B 98A3 774E Ae04Ca460020

C8A2Fd1F 8529 B228 Cea5 E1F550148Bb6OOPS! No Conferences Now… Please!

Fee35316 C197 2510 017F 1D90C1985566
Painters Seth, Dave, Kevin & Martin Roll Out Our Wall Paint

70Ed44Ed 4211 Ee70 7Aab A94Ebd159160

Dafe6308 3602 627A 88Ad F89056Ad0894

81Dd0275 A274 063C A9E8 1919Bd2D734F

D53B37D7 Aaa1 46C7 F491 4063563E485C

C060Df98 9A66 F359 586F 768F877F05F0
12″ Crown Molding Going Up

53216C80 24A3 2A34 5B14 52F2F564F290

Af156515 69B3 9Fd1 B9Ef C30Fe627F4C3
Uh Oh! Where’s Our Window?

6A4108Fb 8A73 136A F33B 300Bf1C1E953
Yuri Prepares & Installs Our First New Window

183Cf508 4F10 D4C4 D280 C2D764D5C8Eb

58135592 D2Df Ada3 6A03 85F7344Bc589
The Old & The New

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!8 New Efficient Widows Now Installed

8Dad4C1D 8966 3B32 A656 3Ecc9D16540B
New Half Round Windows Coming Soon

C4210369 Bfa6 B34C 77Ed 07C6416C0Cd7
Ah… Back To Radio Central’s 1900 Look

B54303D3 1C8B Edca 39E0 93Dd6E324023
Your Editor Keeping Busy Touchuing Up The Paint
Ddae1565 31D7 2Bfb 7786 D733Bf601Fd3

3D19E470 6970 1F1E Ec01 F66D4Bef63A7
It’s Steve Installing 12″ Crown Molding 
47746055 9E9F Ba1C Ce4A 92Bd470E501F
9Db43797 074F 23Cb 6C0B 55E9124575Be
7Ce89D6F 75E1 0192 4A9F 1B07643Ed903
A Laser Is Used To Make Sure Things Are Level & Even2591F6F8 B5F7 1119 8F75 5Fc4Bf226F80

8F06Fe0C 2569 8B81 F796 4C854A94663C
It’s The Other Steve Installing Arch Moldings
6A500A47 B03A F031 C0B8 D113Da1B499B

8C3Df810 6168 801D 341F 9B5C28130C43
Volunteer David Dea Does Some Weekday Wall Painting

0Dd80B8C Ec82 Ae00 Aec0 A7Aa1D56F4A0
Miguel & Nelson Attach Window Trim Molding

905A24F6 7D26 5642 099F 46B13D3Ae0E9
Dylan & Scott Check The Fit For New Arched Windows

Dc06295E 741D 712A Dfb5 1A860E45F760

14F7581C Da22 Fa8A 19A9 D6E96E43Ae16

C885Ea10 89Fd 0942 8C0B 51F2564D997E
The Paint Scheme On Our New Walls, 123 Year Old Wainscoting
And New Baseboard, New Top Rail And Window Trim Moldings…
Baseboard Crowns Are Removable For Access
To Our Low Voltage Wiring Hidden Inside

024B31B5 Fc5E 9244 2297 660A92B2E71D
Arched Windows Coming Soon

E41E9C48 7199 D19D 06Ed Aa4080D126B1New Volunteer / Member Eric Does Some Detail Trim Painting

416B2210 7C4B 4C1D D729 F57C99275Ea5
The Doorway From Our Great Room
To The New Addition & Radio Hall Of Fame The Other Day

00A715Fb 0C10 8E11 D3Df 78F9Cbbc107C
And Today! All Trimmed Out With Base Blocks & Crown.
We Will Restore And Maintain Our 18″ Thick Brick Wall.
Utility Shelf To Be Rebuilt.

6585F8Ba Bc68 20Bc 10Db 773F95E64220
The Front Wall Is Almost Ready To Use.

4325E478 5E48 1495 69Ff 27F65Fbf95A8
CHRS Tube Guru Kent Leech Demonstrates His Painting Skills

7A09Ce2B Fe05 4372 0934 6394Adf9E074
Phase 2… Facade Work Begins!
5F10510B 7Ca2 57E9 1933 715B9C1F55B9
Demolishing Closet To Expose Original Facade And False Front
616Ccd2B 7138 0129 F8D0 Ad32060E428B

1266A4C2 2989 Db33 8Fa7 Fb38F33210E4
Ready For New Front Doorway, Windows & Trim

B60E6773 73Ce 53Fb Fdfa 6Ed89Ea96C5F
Nelson Starts Framing Our New ADA Doorway
35440102 6110 5268 0C3F 6B17B9A24278

F1A01B6B 1F13 4C8F Ceb8 7B71138B98A7
Ready For New Doorway, Windows & Trim

61Bb9Ca5 39B1 B574 Eb16 D22Ed1Bcbcdc
Here’s What It Will Look Like From The Outside
Thanks To John Stuart

1266A4C2 2989 Db33 8Fa7 Fb38F33210E4
Ready For New Front Doorway, Windows & Trim –
Note Existing Column In Door Opening

Edace452 C2B4 5Ca6 45B6 33C92062C418
Nelson Adjusting Bricks To Accept ADA Door Framing

9441Eb6D Ef24 Fce2 6Dc9 48C09335D82B
Double Framing For Our 18″ Thick Brick Walls

8711Aef5 2469 873D 67C9 C016B4Ec983B

Badd1Da0 2Fef C31B D19D 8A4A10E9Cdd2
Looky Here! The Front Wall Of Our Great Room
Is Coming Back To It’s Former Functionality 

D9641E7B 6Bf1 B575 Cf26 104Ea9821A58
1900 Terrazzo, Mosiac Front Door Entry Landing Discovered!

506C8792 A905 B5Ef Ee00 143Ee707C38E
Dave Martens… Our Electrician

9A60Ebba 7A1D 215D Eeae De25Ab7Af8E8
John Stuart Working On Our Camera SystemBa5Cb6C3 3988 Afe5 Ec18 57Df582851Bc
Miles Stueding & Dave Billeci Demonstrating Painting Skills
78957Cc4 F34B Fcc7 1D3C 8A1278B58Ade

B3D96A9A 3B5B 9Da4 Dcd7 E1E7Ca95Cc05

New Windows Arrived…

9260458E 0Cbb Eee2 Cb05 3Aee60821850

8F5Ac14E 8349 A1Fc 1Bf5 9111459C1901
Fe15F1Da 9762 2435 F0B8 8A1D54C99A5F

And Installed!

5Ce9D306 51D5 Ef68 0715 843Ff82C9Ec9

Lots Of Natural Light

D25A31B3 5276 C6C6 61C8 02Ae6B26E107

1De8Df52 B22E 1D6E D102 E81F52Aa301F
Outside Looks Great!

48Ccbfd7 1D47 A8E8 0Bb2 E23Ec1325Ca9
And The Stereo Is Hooked Up Again!

59288D25 12E9 Aeb7 0603 533084007Da4

New Windows Installed And Almost Trimmed Out. Lots Of Light!
Note The Famous KRE Door In The Image Below.
It Will Become Part Of Radio Central
As The New ADA Entrance Door.

50217D60 321F B1Da 02B4 A324Efe0E6Ca

D424366D 68B4 62D1 9B04 08C7B57B5Add
The Plastic Is Lifted From The Collection And Our Great Room Is Slowly Getting Back To Normal.We Are Creating Open Space
For Our TV Event On June 10th.

A1A65408 6F77 Ee76 614E 060C41D8Dc63
Our Great Room Front Wall Is Covered And
Waiting For New Door And Windows.

Bf599993 Ffa3 5841 C461 8510Af08F2D33C2Ef59B 4Eff Bdea 0198 358F64Bd1F07E03A4755 F36E 2460 5A97 Bbad7A36425DE5697720 E15E B25D 891E 289Ecfabc057
URBAN ARCHEOLOGY – Today Our Structural Engineer, Vincent Wu & Your Editor Opened The Inspection Ports On The Front Of Radio Central, Showing The Original Stucco And Brick Detail
Beneath The False Facade.