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The CHRS Collection Is Under Wraps
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That’s Carpenter Steve From BA Morrison, Our Contractor

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Preparing The Walls For Sheetrock
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Lots Of Drywall… 130 Sheets!
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First Piece Up
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Daredevil Drywaller… Looks Like He’s Been Here Before
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Drywall In Place… Waiting For Texture
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Creating Matching 1900 Beadboard On Site  
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Attaching Matching Beadboard Wainscoting

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More Arched Moldings Going Up. Some Are 123 Year Old Oak.
Some Are New Styrofoam. Can You Tell Which Is Which?

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That’s Martin Painting Over 200 Feet Of Crown Molding

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Well Done!

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Taping The Drywall

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Wall Texture Done & New Arched Moldings Installed

0775481F Dfc5 Efe0 7710 F61E156C662DNew Arched Window Molding