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As of 4/15/2014 our Fund now stands at 435 donations  –  We have until April 23rd to be fully funded.

WE ARE NOT DONE! –  CHRS has done something that most non-profits only dream about. We have raised enough money to buy a permanent home. But, we can not let up. A big push to the end of this campaign is vital. And this is why…

It does us no good to have just a building stuffed with radios because we do not have the funds to create our Museum, Hall Of Fame, Library, etc. Chairman Mike Adams says, “We will have a Million dollar warehouse.” Director Tom Bonomo says, “The CHRS team has marched 99 yards down the field and is on the 1 yard line. The last yard is the most important.” Our $1.15 Million dollar goal lets us buy the building, start necessary repairs and construction and most importantly gives CHRS an emergency fund. That is why we still need $115,500 to complete this drive. We feel that this a wise approach.

We are still looking for an angel who would like the building named after them. A $500,000 donation would do it. What a legacy it would be for someone.

CHRS NEWS… Well it’s been an exciting 2014 for CHRS. But now, we are on hiatus. We have left KRE and don’t own Radio Central… yet. We are taking a break. (Except for fund raising… of course!) So relax, watch your emails for updates on fund raising and activities, gather up your energy and be ready to start building the New CHRS ‘Radio Central’! Our next scheduled event is our May 3rd Swap Meet at the College of San Mateo.

OUR MOST SPECIAL ANGEL – As you notice, our total has gone up drastically recently. Some people realize the importance of owning our own building including long time CHRS Member and supporter Norman Leal, who in late 2012, donated $75,000 to our brand new building fund. Well, Norm has come through again with a whopping $200,000 donation! Thank you Norm! This will allow CHRS to purchase ‘Radio Central’. We members of CHRS are grateful to Norman for securing the future of CHRS for generations to come. So when you see him, give Norm a huge Thank You!

THANK YOU DONORS! – You have made your favorite vintage radio organization, CHRS… Millionaires! $1,042,900 is cash in the bank, and will increase as your pledges are fulfilled and new donations come in. We must keep up the fund raising momentum as we only have until April 23rd to be fully funded. Please notice the notations in red next to the donor list below. These supporters continue to amaze us with their generosity and confidence in our efforts. Thank you!

We would like to share a note from a longtime CHRS member. We hope it will inspire you to donate or fulfill your pledge:

“I am just floored at the amount of support that the CHRS team has generated to date. Back when you first began this effort it just looked like such an insurmountable task you were faced with, that I just couldn’t bring myself to chip in; I felt like it was wishful thinking that a building could be purchased to house the club’s collection for proper display and preservation. I’m now so embarrassed for about my attitude. I’ll send my check in post-haste to help you reach your goal. Knowing that all will turn out positively, I plan to donate several items from my collection to your exhibits. It is uplifting to see that so much has been accomplished by your team. Just outstanding and amazing progress.” $10,000 Donor, San Jose, CA

$15,000 CHALLENGE – Longtime CHRS Member George Patterson, who has already donated $25,000 is now challenging you to match his additional amount. For every dollar you donate up to $15,000, George will match. This challenge is potentially worth $30,000! This is a timed challenge and will expire on April 23rd. Thank you George! CLICK HERE TO DONATE

PLEDGES DUE NOW! – We have about $9,200 in outstanding pledges and not much time left. Not so good… If you or your organization has pledged to help purchase a permanent home for CHRS, we need your pledges Now. Honoring your pledge is your commitment to insure the preservation of radio history. We kindly ask you to please fulfill your pledge… Now. As time is not on our side.

HOW TO REMIT – The three best ways are to send your check made out to CHRS to our Treasurer Richard Watts, 4036 Copper Creek Drive, Modesto, CA 95355, CLICK HERE TO FULFILL MY PLEDGE or if you have stocks or securities to donate, CONTACT DIRECTOR TOM BONOMO.

SUPER DONORS – The list keeps growing. You can be part of it! EVERY pledge and donation means a great deal to CHRS. But it is worth noting several pledges / donations that are really helping us to purchase a permanent home for CHRS:

  • Alan Martin – $10,000 – Donation increased Times 10!
  • Richard & Janet Watts – $5,000Donation Increased!
  • Daryl Jones – $6,000 – Donation Increased Times 5!
  • Mike & Barbara Adams – $5,000
  • Anonymous Donor – $5,000
  • Jaime & Ann Arbona – $5,000
  • Jack Bethards – $5,000
  • Elmo & Kim Giovanetti – $5,000
  • Eugene & Marianne Haller – $5,000
  • Steve & Janice Kushman – $5,000
  • Chip Lim – $5,000
  • Robert & Reina Swart – $10,000 – Donation Doubled!
  • Geoff Day – $8,000 – Donation More Than Doubled!
  • Verne Anderson – $10,000
  • Bert Buss – $10,000 – Donation Doubled!
  • Judy Mears & Bart Lee – $10,000
  • Dennis & Susan Monticelli – $10,000 – Donation Doubled!
  • Norm Howard Lehfeldt – $15,000
  • Larry & Joan Drees – $25,000 – Donation Increased!… Again!
  • Tom & Julie Bonomo – $30,000 – Donation Increased!
  • George Patterson – $25,000 + $15,000 Challenge
  • Gilles Vrignaud – $25,000
  • Tom Nelson – $35,000
  • Norman Leal – $275,000 – Donation More Than Tripled!
  • Philip Monego – $118,000 – Donation Increased!
  • Scott Robinson – $124,300 – Donation Increased… Again!
  • John Staples – $100,000

Thank You! The response to our cause has been phenomenal! CHRS / BARM / SOWP Members and Friends have done a terrific job so far, but we’re not done yet. We’ve done something that other organizations can only dream about. In addition to our Super Donors, (see above), some noteworthy pledges have come in from:

  • San Francisco Giants – $3,500
  • Sonoma County Radio Amateurs – $1,000
  • Radio Attic – $1,000
  • VictoriaRadioGroup – $203
  • Oakland Athletics – $2,500
  • Bay Area Broadcast Legends – $1,000
  • CHRS Central Valley Chapter – $3,750
  • Alabama Historical Radio Society – $1,000
  • SF Bay Area SBE Chapter 40 – $2,000 – Donation Doubled!
  • Sacramento SBE Chapter 43 – $1,000
  • Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club – $1,000
  • Art Deco Society of California – $500
  • Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club – $1,000
  • Iowa Antique Radio Club and Historical Society – $500
  • Tube Collectors Association, Inc. – $1,000
  • Oakland Radio Communication Association – $250

We are grateful to each and every person and organization supporting our efforts. Please remember to mention our plight to friends, family and people you meet. You never know where our angels may come from.

RENEWALS SLOW COMING IN – Now is the time we need your support. If you have not renewed for 2014, please do it now. And don’t forget to donate heavily with your renewals. A great new Journal will be coming your way soon… But you won’t see it if your membership is not current. CLICK HERE TO RENEW

FUND RAISING MILESTONES – This is serious business… As part of the Purchase and Sales Agreement CHRS agreed to meet certain fund raising milestones toward the purchase. Please understand that the dollar amounts you see below include the Building Purchase Milestones PLUS the CHRS Milestones that will allow us to start improving and maintaining the property. If we raise just enough money to buy the building… we are in big trouble.

  • 3/1/2014 is our 45 Day Milestone. We must be 55% funded at $632,500 – Done at $763,000!
  • 3/26/2014 is our 70 Day Milestone. We must be 70% funded at $805,000 – Done at $1,022,700!
  • 4/14/2014 is our 90 Day Milestone. Escrow Closes. We are 100% funded for purchase and have until April 23rd to be  fully funded at $1,150,000

The dollar amounts in these milestones represent the amount needed for purchase AND initial improvements. Remember these dates… They are very important. If we miss any of these milestones… we have major problems.

We have moved from KRE to Alameda. This video shows our artifacts/archives as they are today

This is 2152 Central Avenue, Alameda – The New CHRS ‘Radio Central’

Central Av Mashup Sign

2152 Central3

2152 Central 4

2152 Central 1

A NEW ADVENTURE FOR CHRS A home to call our own. CHRS has signed the Purchase and Sales Agreement to buy 2152 Central Avenue in Alameda. This is a giant step for an organization that 10 years ago only met in parking lots. In the last 10 years we have shown that we are much more than that. Now, it is time for CHRS to step up and become the permanent West Coast Educational Center for Radio and Radio History. CHRS has thrived due to the passion of our volunteers and the outstanding support of our members. And now CHRS needs you more than ever. Realistically thinking, our goal is $1.15 Million. We can do this. In a world of Billions of Dollars, $127,300 more, is an amount we can raise. This will be enough to purchase the building and give us a cushion for additional expenses and upgrades.

THE NEW CHRS RADIO CENTRAL – IS AN HISTORICAL COMMUNICATIONS BUILDING! Not radio but… When CHRS entered into contract to purchase 2152 Central Avenue, the best information we had was that it was built in 1920 as a church and then it became a school. We are purchasing it from the Children’s Learning Center. Walt Hayden has been doing research and this is what we know now:

2152 Central Avenue was built in 1900 by the Sunset Telephone and Telegraph Company. Sunset and Pacific Telephone & Telegraph, (later Pacific Bell), shared the same President. 2152 Central served as one of the first telephone exchanges in Alameda. Judith Lynch of the Alameda Museum is doing more research for us. Here is a picture of the interior of 2152 in about 1930.



(Just to give you a perspective on what you are seeing: In the upper photo, notice the ventillation shaft in the middle left, and then see it as it is today in the lower photo, upper middle-left corner. You can also see that the previous tenants dropped the ceiling and this obscured the rounded window tops. These still exist above the drop ceiling. We plan to open up this room and bring it back to its original glory. We just need the money!) Below, Director Phillip Monego found this photo of Central.

Central Front

This unique building was built in 1900. It is single story building with a full basement. It is 7,400+ square feet. We had 4,600 at KRE. It is in a great neighborhood, a couple of blocks from Downtown, easy to get to, easy parking and approved unanimously by the Board. The list price was $975,000. There is a driveway down one side and room in the back for several cars or outbuildings. There is a 45 car parking lot adjacent to the building. This is not part of the purchase and is owned by the Central Baptist Church across the street. We have been in touch with the Church’s Pastor and have been given permission for CHRS to use the lot on Saturdays.

We realize this building has no broadcasting history, but it fulfills our efforts to have a permanent home. We will recreate the KRE studio and control room in this building. It will allow us to continue all of our activities and programs, with possibly some minor changes. And it will allow us to grow as an organization. This location will give CHRS permanency. We are going to sacrifice our historical location in exchange for a permanent and more practical location. Because, the reality is, we are now responsible for a world class collection of artifacts and historical archives that must be protected and preserved. And we will only move once, unless it is our choice. That, and having an educational center devoted to radio for future generations is what permanency is about. If you have a passion for Radio you can make CHRS’ new dream a reality. With your help, CHRS will be able to expand into our new permanent West Coast Educational Center for Radio.

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  1. Oh no. Right near where I live.

    This is bad because I love old radios and their history.

    Good for you guys, since this makes it a lot easier for me to come over and volunteer my time.

    Best of luck. I look forward to seeing you soon, neighbors.

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