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Have photos of your collection, special radios or radio events you want to share in our Gallery? Just get them to Mike Adams and he will post them.

Photos below are from the first Radio Cabinet Overview Class on April 11th 2015 at Radio Central:

Dsc01510 Dsc01509 Dsc01508 Dsc01507 Dsc01506 Dsc01505 Dsc01504 Dsc01500 Dsc01497 Dsc01496 Dsc01495


Photos below show the building of the concrete pad for our new 12′ x 32′ woodshop at CHRS Radio Central – April 2015:


Dsc01370 Dsc01368 Dsc01387 Dsc01383 Dsc01390 Dsc01391 Dsc01395 Dsc01401 Dsc01450 Dsc01453 Dsc01454 Dsc01372 Dsc01381 Dsc01457 Dsc01460 Dsc01469 Dsc01463 Dsc01468 Dsc01464 Dsc01472 Dsc01476 Dsc01479 Dsc01486 Dsc01491 Dsc01490 Dsc01489 Dsc01487

Here is a collection of Jon Hammond’s photos from the Yoshi’s/Jive 95 concert:

Jive1 Jive2 Jive3 Jive4 Jive5 Jive6 Jive7 Jive8 Jive9