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  Adopt A Brick With Your Name Engraved

 Order Now And Be Part Of CHRS Forever! 

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As part of our Radio Central restoration of we will have a 6 foot by 10 foot area between the Central Avenue sidewalk and our new old 1900 stairway. This area will contain red bricks… with your name engraved in them! You can have a permanent link with CHRS Radio Central and show your support for our fine organization. We have several levels of donation depending on location. The closer to the building bricks will be a bit more than bricks closer to the sidewalk. The area featuring $1000+++ bricks is your chance to really step up. Let’s see some big donations in this area. You’ll feel so good.

Bricks will be attractively priced for all to be able to afford and show your support for CHRS. The bricks are 4″ x 8″. You may have up to 3 lines of text with 23 characters per line. Spaces and punctuation count as characters. Please see the 2 samples below. If your name is long, maybe 2 lines is better as the characters will be bigger.

It’s easy to order your brick. Click on the link below. Scroll down to the brick ordering area and select your level of donation. Then tell us how you want your brick engraved. Be sure to then fill out the Donation Amount box. Scroll down and click on Submit. That’s it. The bricks will be placed on a first come, first served basis. The early bird’s bricks will be placed closest to the building within your  selected area. Thank you for becoming a part of CHRS Radio Central… Forever!

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