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 A Who’s Who For Questions Or Info In CHRS 
Executive Director– Rachel Lee
Oversees the organization’s initiatives to preserve and celebrate the history of wireless, drives strategic planning, fundraising, and community engagement. Collaborates with stakeholders, is facilitating transition of historical collection to a museum, and promotes educational programs to enhance public understanding and appreciation of CHRS.


Project Manager– Steve Kushman
Responsible for coordinating and implementing projects that support CHRS’s mission to preserve and celebrate radio’s heritage. This role involves managing timelines, resources, and team collaboration, ensuring that each project aligns with the society’s goals and contributes to its educational, preservation, and outreach efforts.

Shop Manager– Scott Robinson
Oversees the restoration and maintenance of vintage radios, ensuring they are preserved for future generations. This role involves technical expertise, team leadership, and the development of restoration protocols to maintain the historical integrity, safety, and functionality of these classic devices.

Education– Denny Monticelli
Responsible for developing and overseeing radio repair workshops.  This role includes organizing workshops and events and collaborating with membership to promote knowledge and appreciation of radio technology.

Social Media– Casey Scheld
Crafts and executes social media strategies to amplify the society’s presence, engage with the community, and promote its mission of preserving radio history. This role involves creating compelling content, managing various social media platforms, and analyzing engagement metrics to increase awareness and foster a vibrant online community interested in wireless heritage.

Archivist– Bob Rydzewski
Responsible for the acquisition, preservation, and documentation of historical documents and multimedia materials, ensuring they are accessible for research and educational purposes. This role involves meticulous record-keeping, cataloging, and the development of archival strategies that safeguard the integrity and history of the society’s collections.

Hospitality– Betty Cosmos
Orchestrates all food related services of CHRS events, meetings, and gatherings ensuring a welcoming and engaging experience for visitors, members, and special guests at various functions. This role involves coordinating food logistics, managing volunteer staff, and providing exceptional service to enhance the reputation and community engagement of CHRS.

Volunteer Coordinator– Kim Brickman
Recruits, trains, and manages volunteers, ensuring they are effectively integrated into the organization’s activities to support its mission. This role involves developing volunteer programs, overseeing scheduling and assignments, and fostering a supportive and engaging environment that encourages volunteer retention and participation.

Journal & Membership– Richard Watts
Oversees the publication of the society’s journal, managing the editorial process from manuscript submission to publication while ensuring content aligns with the society’s mission and standards of historical accuracy and scholarship. This role involves collaborating with authors, conducting reviews, and editing submissions to produce a respected and informative publication that contributes to the field of radio history.

Acquisitions– Jaime Arbona
Responsible for overseeing the acquisition and assessment of radio-related donations, ensuring they align with the society’s collection criteria and preservation goals. This role involves donor communication, appraisal of items, and coordination with the archival and restoration teams to integrate new acquisitions into the society’s collection, outreach, and educational programs.

Facilities Manager & Saturday Lunch Chef– Keith Scott
Responsible for maintaining the society’s buildings and grounds to ensure they meet operational standards and provide a welcoming environment for members and visitors. Additionally, this versatile member prepares and serves the Saturday lunches, showcasing culinary skills to enhance the overall experience for member volunteers on weekends.