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Upcoming show #1

Quiz: Can you guess any of the guest stars, or the name of the show, of one of our upcoming downloads?

  • Clue 1: This episode’s M.C. is someone who is no longer alive (no surprise there, probably), and has a child who is famous. That child’s fame, though, came in a very different medium from that of the parent.
  • Clue 2: Three of the guests later got their own TV shows that ran at the same time. But it was only 2 shows that ran at that same time, not three.

I’ll help, answer questions and give more clues as your guesses appear in the comments below (no sign-up needed). As more correct guesses pile up, you’ll eventually be able to find the show in the RadioGoldIndex.

(Also, the fact that I said “this episode’s M.C.” might give you a clue about the kind of show it is.)

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