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Hildegarde 30

Frances Faye, Unknown Date
Frances Faye, unknown date

This episode appears to be unavailable in any encoded format.

Welcome to all our visitors to our first download! Don’t miss the clues to an upcoming show in the other post today.

This is the AFRS version of “Hildegarde’s Raleigh Room”. The logs at date this program as 11-13-45. However, as you might have encountered, AFRS will edit together programs and this episode is probably no exception, as most of the network guests don’t appear on this disc.

I had trouble confirming the spelling of The Stroud Twins’ name until I learned that their son is actor Don Stroud.

New download link (December 2012): Hildegarde 30

To open this file, please use the password at the bottom of this post, all lowercase, with underlines between each word.

Guests The Stroud Twins, Frances Faye
First Song Welcome Home

Disc Label, Hildegarde 30


Graphic With The Words &Quot;Your&Quot; And &Quot;Pledge&Quot; And &Quot;Needed&Quot;

EDIT 4/10/13: New download link.

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