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Sheet music cover of "I'm Beginning to See the Light"

October 12, 2013

Don’t have a date for Saturday night?  Well, you do now!


Duke Ellington And His Orchestra, In A Studio Setting
Date with the Duke 13
First Song Midriff

Billy Strayhorn And Duke Ellington, At A Piano
Goldin says this concert by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra is taken from broadcasts in May and June of 1945.

Disc Label For &Quot;Date With The Duke 13&Quot;

To download this file, click on the picture of the disc label.

Sheet Music Cover Of &Quot;I'm Beginning To See The Light&Quot;

To open this file, type the name of the first song on the program, all lowercase letters.

This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Thanks a lot for this. I encourage you to keep up the great work. I know it’s hard to persevere in a seeming world of indifference, but your work is appreciated.

    1. Thank you for keeping up with us, Steve. I appreciate the encouragement.

      And I’ve not forgotten you’re the one who has asked for news-related audio. I’m working on it!


        1. You’re most welcome, Harlow.

          And stay tuned. We’ve got some interesting things coming up, and a few bonuses from a generous collector.

  2. Thanks much for the blast from the past. Great sounds, and much appreciated. Haven’t heard Duke Ellington in years. Ira

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