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Vintage photo of 2 Air Force pilots

Project News 20130406

More audio…

Audiotape Reel With Question Mark On The Side. Our ranks of volunteers recently increased, and we are exploring ways to make more audio available to you. 

Among our holdings are many hours of local programming, so one person will begin working to see what we can begin encoding.

Watch this project for a future announcement of even more interesting vintage radio.


Photo Of Trumpets Pointed Toward The Ceiling

I’ve chosen an entry submitted by a downloader as my name here on the blog.

The name not only used a type of recording I work with, but also included a name that brought up images of a fighter pilot or an auto mechanic from the 1940’s.

Vintage Photo Of 2 Air Force Pilots

And the alliteration, like “Clark Kent” or “Lois Lane,” made it irresistible.

So from now on, you’ll see me signed on as “Ace Acetate”.

Please everyone, join me in thanking Steve.

Next time…

Another fine show is coming in the next post.  I think this one is uncirculated!

Ace Acetate

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  1. You’re quite welcome, Ace. Considering your accomplishments and those of your colleagues at the Spinning Disc Squadron, it is apt.

    1. Now that I’ve got a name, I’m ready to launch more encodings. Please put your seats in the upright position and get ready.


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