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photo of Sammy Davis, Jr., Dick and Gene Wesson, unknown date

March 13, 2013


Isn’t it great to get so many shows that were previously unavailable, to add to your collections? 

We can do it because we have volunteers making certain you can get them.  Plus we have a museum home for our collection, but that is still in question.  Please make a donation so that we can keep our museum home and continue providing them to you.

Vintage Sheet Music Of &Quot;Did You Ever Get That Feeling In The Moonlight?&Quot; With Singer Perry Como Pictured On The Cover

“Supper Club” was the AFRS version of Chesterfield Supper Club, a 15-minute music show starring, at this point in its run, singer Perry Como.  Haendiges dates these as October 9 and October 10, 1945.

Supper Club 172

Guest The King Cole Trio

First Song Did You Ever Get That Feeling in the Moonlight?

We must ignore Haendiges’ information for the guests of this second program, who he calls “Dick and Jane Wesenbury”.    They are actually comedy team Dick and Gene Wesson (pictured below with a very young Sammy Davis, Jr.)

Photo Of Sammy Davis, Jr., Dick And Gene Wesson, Unknown Date

Dick Wesson I have seen recently in a Warner Brothers film called Starlift (1951).  He’s a brash and pushy comic character, and we get to hear him earlier in his career here, being a whole lot the same.

Supper Club 173

First Song The Lord’s Been Good to Me

Guests Dick and Gene Wesson

Label For Supper Club 172-3

To download these shows, click on the link asking for your donation to keep these free downloads coming to you, in the first paragraph.

To open the file, enter the password below, all lowercase, with underlines between each word.

Graphic With The Text &Quot;Donate&Quot; And &Quot;Today&Quot; And &Quot;Please&Quot;


Ace Acetate

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  1. I went and looked at my catalog of my shows and found that I had 73 Chesterfields. Then thought, “Wow, now I’ll have 75 shows.”

    I realized that those other 73 shows I got without having to pay for the work that went into them. And you just gave me 2 more to enjoy. So now I’m going to mail in a check for your station to help out with your building fund.

    And I challenge all the people I know (and don’t know) from Cobalt Club, The Flashing Dial, and OTR Plus who come here to make donations, too. Let’s give something back to the people who are making our collections better!


    1. Dear Sir:

      I am looking for a Chesterfield Supper Club from May 6, 1948. I have two songs from this show. The show had Fred Astaire, Judy Garland and Irving Berlin previewing “Easter Parade” with Perry Como. Do you know if this entire show exists anywhere. Thank you in advance for allowing me to ask.

      Thank you again.

      1. Thanks for posting. I apologize for the long delay replying to you; it’s been very quiet on this project.

        Using the typical online references, I’m finding no mention of the episode:

        And I know with certainty it is not in our collection.

        Good luck finding it.


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