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Photograph of a jungle mountain valley

March 17, 2013

An exciting find is this program.


As far as a date, we can tell when the show was created, but when exactly this disc was broadcast is in question.   It is, nonetheless,

Columbia Presents Corwin ‘Savage Encounter’

with Karl Frank, Arnold Moss, Joan Alexander, music by Bernard Herrmann

The label for the disc says “March 28” on the label.  Sources like Digital Deli tell us that the show was broadcast on March 28, 1944, and August 7, 1945, but the latter broadcast featured film actor Glenn Ford in the leading role.

The end of this disc, though, says specifically that this is a re-broadcast “originally heard over domestic stations of the United State of America.”  So it is not perfectly clear how we should date this file.

What is clear, though, is the sound on this disc.  A section with a bit of noise at the end of the first side does not mar a cleaner version of this drama than what appears to be in general circulation in the old-time radio community.

Jungle By George Hodan
Jungle by George Hod

We hope you will enjoy this excellent encoding, which comes to you because of the work of volunteers who continue their work in spite of not having our museum home secured yet.  Your pledge is still needed so that we can do so.

To open this file, use the words below for the password, putting an underline between each word.

Image With Three Words &Quot;Help&Quot; And &Quot;With&Quot; And &Quot;Donations&Quot;

And don’t forget our “Name Your Download Provider” contest.  You can still post an entry in the comments here.

To download this file, please click on the picture of the label.


Label Of &Quot;Columbia Presents Corwin - Savage Encounter&Quot;

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

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  1. Very, very exciting. Anything uncirculated by Corwin is a real find. Thanks so much to you and the volunteers for their hard work and sharing spirit.

    1. Thanks for contributing comments, Steve. It is much appreciated at our end.

      So no one feels mislead, I must emphasize that this episode is currently circulating. What our download offers is an alternate broadcast, in probably higher quality.

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