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Photo of old-fashioned newsboy, riding a trolley

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Interesting news:

Photo Of Old-Fashioned Newsboy, Riding A Trolley I spoke of a donor recently and some new discs, and I was able to choose a couple and, boy, are they nice!

I made it a point to follow up on the request of one of our commenters who asked for some jazz.  Now maybe my definition of “jazz” is a little quaint, but I got a show (uncirculated) that stars one of the best-known performers of jazz at one point, so I hope everyone will enjoy it.

A request:


Please do not re-post these sound files in other forums.  Please link to our pages here instead.

I’ve seen more than once where someone has re-posted the files I uploaded, and thus fewer people will visit these pages.  Please don’t take this away from our website.

I do this work for free (everyone here does), and I do it so that people will visit here and perhaps send other people here.  Perhaps one or more of those people can help us as we get pledges so that we won’t lose our building.

I walk, ride my bike or take the bus almost every volunteer day to get to our museum.  Then I take the files home and work further on them, making certain they are the best I can produce for you.  When you re-post these files, the work I have done and the purpose I set for that work all come to nothing.

People in the old-time radio community have been very, very generous with each other and very nice; I’ve experienced it myself.  Please continue this tradition by being nice to our museum, too.  They’ve kept these discs for nearly 40 years so that you’ll have a chance to enjoy them now, for free.

Thanks for your cooperation.

A wish:

Finally, I hope everyone reading this enjoys a fine holiday and New Year 2013.

Vintage Leyendecker Drawing Of &Quot;New Year's Baby&Quot; Reaching For The Door Knocker Marked &Quot;1909&Quot;



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