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Invitation to Learning 440904

Just in case you missed it in all the holiday happenings, please read our latest project news.

Marble Bust In Profile.
Bust thought to be of Flavius Josephus.

This was a Columbia network show that discussed at length, and extemporaneously, “literary works that have stood the test of time.”

In this episode the topic is “The Jewish War” by Flavius Josephus, written in the first century of the common era.  On hand to analyze the work are, from the University of Chicago, chairman Richard P. McKeon and panelists  Dr. Ralph Marcus and Dr. Ernest C. Caldwell.

I can’t find any source that has this episode in its collection, or even a vendor that has this any episodes for sale, so it is quite a rare show you are getting.

This might be something of a first, for you, but for us here it was a first in several ways.  This is that this is the first time we’ve had to transfer a recording where the tonearm traveled from the inside of the disc to the outside.    Also, we’ve never before worked with a disc with a “fiber” base (the “core” upon which the acetate was lain then cut).

Invitation to Learning 440904 The Jewish War

The password for the file is three words, all lowercase, with an underline between each word.

The first two words are in the pictures below.  The third word is the initial letters of our organization’s name (see the top of this page).

Characters Spelling Please

Characters Spelling Help


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  1. This should be a treat! One quick question: is the date Sept 4 or April 9? This page says 440904 but the file itself is labeled 440409.

    1. Oh dear, it looks like I made a mistake here.

      Please trust the filename unless you hear otherwise from me here.

      Thanks for pointing this out, Dr.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Your link is to a wonderful text resource for program names and credit information that we use very regularly. It was one of the places we looked to confirm that this program does not seem to exist anywhere else.

      For those unfamiliar with RadioGoldindex, what is unavailable there are actual recordings that visitors can hear. From what we can tell, you can only get this show here.

      And if you want these downloads to continue, please make a donation to our fund so we can buy our building and keep our doors open:

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