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vocalist Mindy Carson

October 27, 2013

I wouldn’t have thought to put these two things together, would you?

The National Guard Show
Starring Mindy Carson and Red Barber

Carson provides the vocals, while Barber does a short sports interviews.

Vocalist Mindy Carson

Goldin dates these episodes as 1951, and so does the person who wrote on the label.

Disc Label For National Guard Show 41

The National Guard Show 41
First Song What is This Thing Called Love?

Red Barber interviews Yale University football coach Herman Hickman.

Vintage Sheet Music Cover For &Quot;What Is This Thing Called Love?&Quot;


The National Guard Show 42
First Song Almost Like Being in Love

Barber interviews sports star Gene Tunney.

Vintage Sheet Music Cover For &Quot;Almost Like Being In Love&Quot;

I have to wonder if this show is an early version of what we’ve already seen as “Let’s Go to Town”.  What I like better about these is that they sound like they are live performances of these songs, instead of commercial ones.  Carson sounds wonderful backed by the small ensembles.

To download this file, click on the picture of the disc label.

To open the file, please type the following words, all lowercase, a space between each word (and don’t forget that apostrophe!).

Characters Spelling Please Various Fonts Of The Words &Quot;Don't&Quot;, &Quot;Repost&Quot;, &Quot;Our&Quot; And &Quot;Files&Quot;


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  1. I wasn’t having any luck downloading the last show on my usual computer, but was able to on a different one. Ditto this week.

    Has anyone else had problems?

    1. I will put this out to the downloaders, but I imagine most have been and gone.

      So, I will add this question to the next post, in case there is an ongoing problem with the file storage service.

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