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vocalist Andy Williams

November 9, 2013

I almost wish I could find these shows elsewhere, because I’m missing some information about one of them.

So you’ll have to settle for having these four (yes, four) otherwise-unavailable shows without one piece of information.  Maybe one of our downloaders can help.  See my question below.  EDIT:  Thank you to downloader Andrew for providing the title to us.

Let’s Go to Town
with Andy Williams and Quincy Jones
Host: “Sgt. Jim Collins”

Goldin dates #217 as 1961, but that’s as much information as I’ve been able to find online.

Let’s Go to Town 213
EDIT:  First Song G’wonTrain

In this episode, Andy Williams does “Danny Boy” very nicely, with Dave Grusin at piano.

Can anyone tell us the name of the first song?  It sounds like “Long Train”, but I’m not certain.

Vocalist Andy Williams

Let’s Go to Town 214
First song Mam’selle

Vintage Sheet Music Cover Of &Quot;Mam'selle&Quot;

Let’s Go to Town 215
First Song Boom!

Conductor Quincy Jones

Let’s Go to Town 216
First Song Love is Here to Stay

Vintage Sheet Music Cover Of &Quot;Love Is Here To Stay&Quot;

To download the files (there are 2 this time, because there are 4 files), click on the sheet music covers above.

To open the files, type the first and last name (no rank!) of the person named above as host of these shows (all lowercase).

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