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black and white photo of a country road

October 19, 2013

Another break from the glamour and swing, in a type of program you’ve not seen here yet.

Treasury Salute
Starring Robert Waldrop
with Mark Warnow’s Orchestra

Introduced as “stories from ‘the American notebook’, these are quiet programs, telling pleasant short stories.  These remind me of the way Nelson Olmstead was in his short story programs.

And speaking of Olmstead, does anyone else think one of the performers in this story sounds like him?

Treasury Salute 368
The Road to Romance

Black And White Photo Of A Country Road
The story of some soldiers’ afternoon in Alabama, where a little road led them to something interesting, and not exactly as Goldin records in their index, so give a listen to find out for yourself.

Treasury Salute 369
The Key of C

This story is about a boy and his piano lessons.

The Keys Of An Old Piano

Oh, and his onions, too.

Photo Of Green Onions

Listen to find out why they’re both in this story.

Disc Label, Treasury Salute 368

Missing the comedy?

Well, make sure you keep up with us regularly, because I just encoded a VERY popular comedy show from the CHRS collection that I cannot locate for sale or trade anywhere.  It will be coming up as a free download, as all of our shows are.  We hope you appreciate it.

To download this file, click on the photograph of the onions.

To open this file, type the name of show #369, all lowercase, with a hyphen between each word.

Ace Acetate

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  1. Hello:
    Am downloading the episosde as I type..Interesting you should mention Nelson Olmsted with Robert Waldrop. Waldrop was narrator of a longtime radio series called The Ohio Story (sponsored by Ohio Bell Telephone Co.) beginning in 1947-In 1952 a 10-minute TV version was started and Waldrop was replaced as narrator by-Nelson Olmsted! (On both TV and radio) Waldrop stayed on as Ohio Bell Commercial spokesman on the show..Looking forward to hearing this..

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