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November 17, 2013

When I read this name, I sure wasn’t expecting this!

This is a new kind of music for our project – country.  Or is it some special kind of country that I can’t identify?  Bluegrass, or some other name I don’t know?  Perhaps one of our downloaders can tell us.

And you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that this was, of course sponsored by a government entity, this time, the Women’s Air Corps.

Vintage Recruiting Poster, Uniformed Wac Seated On Bunk, Typing &Quot;...This Is My War, Too.&Quot;

This disc was In very good condition, and so you’re going to hear some very good sound here.

Town and Country Time
with Jimmy Dean and the Texas Wildcats
Host Connie B. Gay

Country And Western Singer Jimmy Dean
Town and Country Time 11
Vocals by Webb Pierce
First Song Queen of Hearts (Jimmy Dean)

Record Label Of &Quot;Knothole&Quot; Sung By The Carlisles

Town and Country Time 12
Vocals by The Carlisles
First Song I’m Always Picking Sweethearts (Jimmy Dean)

Sheet Music Cover, &Quot;Picking Sweethearts&Quot;

To download the file, click on the recruiting poster.

Disc Label, Town And Country 11

To open the file, type the first and last name of the person credited as “Vocals by” on episode 11, all lowercase.

Ace Acetate

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  1. Oh, it’s definitely country music. This is country music that’s much, much closer to its hillbilly roots than the very slick, well-polished country music we’ve gotten used to hearing over the last fifty-odd years.

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