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vintage sheet music for "Irving Berlin's Blue Skies"

November 24, 2013

Another disc with absolutely stunning sound.  It was a real pleasure to hear this disc on the turntable and its sparkling clarity.
And it is another show meant to recruit folks into the Marines.

But you’re probably here because you like swing music, so here’s some of the best in the best sound we have.

(And don’t miss the two special messages below.)

The U.S. Marine Corps presents
The Jerry Gray Show
Jerry Gray and His Band of Today
with vocals by Tommy Traynor and Patti Clayton


Vintage Marine Recruiting Poster (2 Marines Spotting And Signalling A Ship At Sea) The Jerry Gray Show 1
First Song Blue Skies

Vintage Sheet Music For &Quot;Irving Berlin's Blue Skies&Quot;

The Jerry Gray Show 2
First Song This Can’t Be Love

Vintage Sheet Music, &Quot;This Can't Be Love&Quot; From &Quot;The Boys From Syracuse&Quot;

If you enjoy getting such good recordings from us, please let us know by making a donation to help us find a new museum home.  Donations will help make more downloads possible.

Disc Label For &Quot;The U.s. Marine Corps Presents The Jerry Gray Show&Quot;, Program No. 1

To download the file, click on the picture of the disc label.

To open the file, use the first letter of every word in the sentence AFTER the words “help us find a new museum home”, all lowercase.

A question:

Has anyone been having problems with the website that is storing these files we are making available to you?

At least one person has mentioned having a problem with them while getting the free downloads, and I’m hoping it might only be their computer.

Thank  you for your input.

Early notice:

Keep watching this website, because our bonus, 4th-Saturday offering for the weekend after Thanksgiving will be very special!

Ace Acetate

This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Thank you once again for these shows Ace! Also, I haven’t had any trouble trying to download these from the sharing site.

    1. You’re very welcome, Harlow. I’m glad you seem to like swing, because there are more to come.

      And thank you for responding to our question.

  2. thanks, ace Acetate, for another swingin´ gem! also here are no Problems with the download site. i´m delighted to hear more jazz/swing in the future!

    Keep boppin´

    1. Thanks for your input, Marcel.

      And yes, there will be more swing to come. I just did a show that I think you’ll like better than almost anyone, so keep coming back.


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