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NBC radio station lobby sign, indicating shows recording in studios A, B and C

May 11, 2013

We’ve got more than just interesting audio for you to enjoy today.

The offering by CHRS, as usual, will provide you with a fine encoding of a radio show.

And an uncirculated one, at that: none of the usual authorities (Haendiges, Goldin and OTRR) have a listing of this episode.

In addition, though, a rare short subject film was recently discovered by archivist Ray Faiola of Chelsea Rialto Studios , an East Coast compact disc company specializing in vintage film music recordings .  Thanks to him you’re going to get to see this radio show.

Portrait Of Singer John Charles Thomas

Singer John Charles Thomas, a Metropolitan opera singer, was on NBC radio from 1943 to 1946, sponsored by Westinghouse.

Now, some of you might be put off by the prospect of an opera singer hollering classical music in your ear for thirty minutes.  But don’t.  This show is a nice mix of Americana and popular music that will surprise you, like it did me.

But what is truly special about this presentation today is that below is the short subject “Music in the Sky”, a very “Hollywood” look at this radio show and how radio got to its audiences, as it was presented for film audiences back in 1945.

Don’t miss the interesting lineup of shows that appears on the lobby sign.

Nbc Radio Station Lobby Sign, Indicating Shows Recording In Studios A, B And C

And notice as we look back nostalgically at the way 1945 looked and felt, the people THEN are looking back nostalgically at the year 1910.

Video Capture Of Charles Nesbitt

John Charles Thomas 78
with John Nesbitt, Victor Young and his Orchestra, the Ken Darby Chorus
November 26, 1944
First Song Gypsy John


Video Capture Of Conductor Victor Young

Fans of “lounge music” will be glad to hear Victor Young’s arrangement of Cole Porter’s “I Love You”, as it fits in well with the canon of instrumental pieces done by Paul Weston, Morton Gould and others famous for these albums in the 1950’s.

Video Capture Of Clock In Radio Studio

Does anyone recognize the tune plays by the orchestra at 10:00? And the one at 20:00?

(And in gratitude for making this video available to viewers, please visit the website of Chelsea-Rialto Studios to learn about their selection of vintage audio recordings available for purchase, and their old-time radio recreations.)

To download this show, please click on the photograph of the label below.

Label Of John Charles Thomas #78

To open the file, use the first letter of every word in the first sentence of the next paragraph.  All letters are lowercase, with an underline instead of the semicolon.

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