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cartoon image of bandleader Kay Kyser

June 15, 2013

Still another show that is unavailable in any encoded format, courtesy of a very generous volunteer at CHRS.

Cartoon Image Of Bandleader Kay Kyser

Kollege of Musical Knowledge 136
First Song Bell Bottom Trousers
May 30, 1945

Sheet Music Cover For &Quot;Bell Bottom Trousers&Quot; Song

with Kay Kyser and his Orchestra
vocalists Michael Douglas and Georgia Carroll

Singer Georgia Carroll

A mix of comedy (or should I say “komedy”?), quizzes and music, this is the AFRS version of Kay Kyser’s network show.

For those of you who download this show, even just to give it a “preview”, please leave a “thank you” in the comments section for CHRS member and volunteer Hil Hampton.  He very generously dipped into his personal collection of transcription discs to bring all of you this previously-unavailable show.

Portrait Of Bandleader Kay Kyser With Vocalist Michael Douglas

Some of you will recognize vocalist Michael Douglas as the host of television talk show “The Mike Douglas Show” in the 1970’s.  But does anyone know if that is actor Arnold Stang during the “second semester quiz”?

The situation with our building is now is a precarious position.    Your pledge to CHRS will help us no matter which way we must turn to have a home for our collection; please help us by donating.

To download this file, please click on the picture of Georgia Carroll. (EDIT 6/18/13:  link added.)

To open the file, use the first letter of the five words that follow the clause “Your pledge to CHRS will help us no matter which way we must turn to have a home for our collection…”

And remember, if you download this show, please leave a comment of gratitude for Mr. Hampton.  Perhaps he will do this very kind favor for you again.

Ace Acetate

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  1. Hooray!! I love Kay Kaiser. It’s a pity he’s not better known today, but perhaps it’s not surprising since so few of his shows survive. Thanks so much for making this available!

  2. Evenin’ Folks! How Y’all? There are quite a few of Kyser’s military camp shows available, but my opinion is they’re all very ‘samey’. Im always on the lookout for the ‘in-studio’ shows from ’38 to ’42. I’m also Kyser’s biographer. Check out my 331 page book, KAY KYSER-THE OL’ PROFESSOR OF SWING! AMERICA’S FORGOTTEN SUPERSTAR. [post edited to remove promotion] So long, evahbody!

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