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Photograph of Merle Travis

April 5, 2014

Another new series, and all of our holdings are not in circulation.  Wow!

An update on the challenge

We need more donations to make the $200 challenge yet, and so the donor has generously allowed us to continue the challenge until the end of the CHRS fundraising.

Here’s the donor:

I’m still waiting for the downloaders to come through with that first $200.  I’m not going to say much about it except that I’m pretty surprised since the museum has been giving everybody nothing but the best quality downloads for free.  

And what about those other discs, including that “Vic and Sade”?  

I’m still going to wait until after that $200 comes in.  If we can’t get those donations , they’ll stay in the museum and people will have to visit us in person to hear them.

This is Ace again.

Well, thank you very much to the 3 downloaders (February 16, February 22, and February 27) who chipped in since the challenge started.

For the rest, the need for your donations has become URGENT.  Your donations MUST come in by  April 14, so that another challenge will double your donation, AND meet our escrow deadline. 

So, please make your donations at this link. Remember to put “DOWNLOADER” in the message box so that those rare discs will be made available.

Let’s not lose the challenge money, the challenge discs, AND all those other shows coming to you in the future.
Disc Label For Here's To Veterans 462
Here’s to Veterans

These seem to be more from the 1950’s, featuring artists more people will have heard of.


Photograph Of Les Baxter With A Dog At His Side.

Here’s to Veterans 462
Les Baxter
First Song Whatever Lola Wants


Vintage Sheet Music Cover For &Quot;Whatever Lola Wants&Quot;


Here’s to Veterans 463
Merle Travis
First Song Kinfolks in Carolina

Photograph Of Merle Travis

To download the file, click on the photograph of the man with the poodle.

To open this file, enter the name of woman in the first song of episode #462, all lowercase.

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