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Vintage advertising poster (framed), reading "Radios [sic] Weirdest Thriller!... Witch's Tale! KGG 1330 Kilocycles, Wednesdays, 9:00 to 9:30 p.m., Economy, Guaranteed First Grade Gasolilne"

March 2, 2014

Some news and some good news.

We are doing all our packing.  Have you ever moved?  Then you know how much work we are doing.

The computer is out of commission, so internet access is more difficult.

But I did remember the downloaders while doing the packing, because I saved a picture of a framed ad that I think everyone here will enjoy seeing.


And the good news is that I will have new shows for you while everything is in storage, because I did save aside some, including those challenge discs.

 Speaking of the challenge:

We’re a little slow with counting up the total, since some are coming in at the last minute.  I’ll let you know probably some time this week where we stand.

Please make your donation now, because if we can get enough for this disc,  it will mean even more challenge discs will come our way.  


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  1. The Witch’s Tale is for some reason my favourite Old TIme Radio show, so much so in fact I am producing my own 52 episode series based on it. A number of episodes are finished and will be available soon . (March or April 2016)

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