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Lunch at CHRS Holiday Social – December 6th, 2014


Our first Holiday Social / General Meeting at Radio Central was quite successful. We improvised and held our events in the largest spaces we have available in the building at this time, the shop and next door future archive room. Keeping it simple; at the meeting we learned that Memberships are up, donations are coming in, great progress is being made at Radio Central and enthusiasm for CHRS is Very High!

We had some special guests at our meetings. New Northern California SCARS Representative Richard Beckman and his wife Dianne joined us as well as Lee Alder, President of the Victoria, BC Vintage Radio Group, Kenny Wardell, Senior Producer of “KSAN Jive 95: The Movie”, and Gary Gielow who spoke to us about his new KPEN book. Dave Billeci recorded Gary, edited and posted it on the CHRS YouTube Channel.

VOLUNTEERS ROCK! – We couldn’t have done it without you! As we have said many times before, volunteers are the engine that makes CHRS run so smoothly and efficiently. Our event last Saturday was proof what a passionate, dedicated group can do. Starting with the newly remodeled kitchen by Robert Swart, Walt Hayden and Kevin Payne, (See below). And the new stove donated by Robert and Reina Swart. The organization of the food including preparation, set up, serving and decorations came from Denny Monticelli and Judy Mears, with Denny also hosting our first CHRS wine tasting. Also to be noted are Dianne Beckman and Jane Farwell who helpd Judy with setup, serving and cleanup. Thank you all so much for the time and effort you put into making our event a success. And many thanks go out to all who contributed to the delicious spread of Holiday fare that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.   CLICK HERE TO SEE MIKE ADAM’S PHOTO ESSAY OF OUR HOLIDAY SOCIAL

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to think about year end donations to CHRS. The following people have. In the last couple of weeks we have received generous donations of $5,000 each from George Conklin and Gilles Vrignaud. Also we have recieved a grant from the Yasme Foundation for $9,500 towards the creation of the Maxwell Library and Early Archive Room and Amateur Station W6CF. These are the kind of donations we need. George, Gilles and Yasme have shown their confidence in CHRS by these fine donations. We are absolutely grateful to have their support. Please think about how you can help CHRS fulfill our goals and dreams. Gary Gielow did and donated his new book on KPEN to us… 100% of what we make on the book goes to CHRS. What a great way to keep important Bay Area Radio History alive and help CHRS! So, now we have the building and must focus on the hard work ahead. And remember that every dollar helps. Thank you one and all for your support! By the way… “The Story of KPEN – A Concept in Great Radio” is available on-line, CLICK HERE TO ORDER. Only $23.95 including shipping or stop by Radio Central any Saturday and pick one up.

Was a hit as usual! The luncheon featured the Legends annual meeting, first class holiday entertainment was provided by Ben Fong-Torres, (AKA… Elvis) & George Yamasaki, Abe Battat, Noah Griffin and a timely O’Henry reading by Dan Odum. Legend of the Year Gloria Duffy was presented with her distinguished award. Also there was a very special salute to Broadcast Legends founding Member and CHRS Herrold Award recipient, Ken Ackerman. It was swell. What a career Ken has enjoyed! Ken really had a great time at the event. He enjoyed visiting with many old friends and colleagues. Our thanks go out to Dan Healy for bringing Ken to the event. It was great to see them both.

Now and Then – KCBS Newsmen Stan Bunger and Ken Ackerman at Spenger’s


Also at the event we sold 15 copies of the new KPEN book by Gary Gielow that he has donated to CHRS. Both Gary and Jim Gabbert were present and Jim pledged to donate $1,000 plus some terrific gear from KPEN to CHRS. Thank you Gary and Jim! Thanks to Darryl Compton and Peter Cleaveland for allowing CHRS to be part of the Legend’s events.

KUDOS TO KEVIN – Master Electrician: Kevin Payne, a volunteer and licensed electrician, has been rewiring Radio Central AND we have passed our first City inspection with flying colors! That’s his new electrical panel. Thank you Kevin and all the hard working volunteers this year! Bart Lee (de K6VK)

Kevin Payne Img_6181 - Version 2

RADIO CENTRAL VIDEO UPDATES – Mike Adams has been documenting our progress at Radio Central. Check out his updated video. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LATEST PROGRESS

Or you can CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE RENEWAL FORM and snail mail it to us.

This link is now working. It’s Holiday shopping season and if you shop at Amazon Smile, Amazon will give CHRS .05% of what you spend. What a Deal! Just click above and select CHRS as your charity. Anything you buy from Amazon Smile helps CHRS. Thank You!


New Ksan Jive 95 Logo Jpg

“KSAN Jive 95: The Movie” KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN – As part of our continuing committment to preserve the history and tell the important stories of Bay Area Radio, CHRS’ Radio Dog Productions, is raising money to produce “KSAN Jive 95: The Movie”, a documentary with the goal of keeping the KSAN Jive 95 legacy alive and to raise money for CHRS, home of the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame, BARHOF, and the Bay Area Radio Museum, BARM online. The 10 year Jive 95 period from 1968 to 1978 was pivotal in the formation of many new concepts and ideas not only about radio, but about the culture of the time. The Jive 95 Era of KSAN was named the Legendary Station for 2014 by BARHOF. We are seeking $100,000 to complete and distribute this important film. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DONATE OR CLICK HERE TO DONATE AT THE “KSAN JIVE 95:THE MOVIE” KICKSTARTER PAGE. The Kickstarter campaign ends February 28th. Our goal is a minimum of $25,000. Fine premiums are available for your donations.

By Steve Kushman
It’s New Year’s Eve 2015 and as 2014 draws to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to say a few words. I’ll try to be brief. What a year 2014 has been for our favorite vintage radio society! After 40 years in existence, CHRS has come of age by establishing itself as one of the most active and progressive historical radio organizations in the country. I still have to pinch myself as I walk through Radio Central and realize that our former little parking lot trading group raised over $1 Million and bought this historic building… Our building, CHRS’ building, Your building that you, our membership, helped to purchase. I also realize how fortunate we are to be able to control our own destiny which was only a dream for many years. We are also very fortunate to be in a great location in the City of Alameda. The City and community have welcomed us with open arms.

CHRS is not out to solve the world’s problems. We are here to provide a forum for the preservation and presentation of this important part of our history and culture. We will strive to make Radio Central, to borrow a quote, the West Coast ‘place of record’ for all things Radio. CHRS is unique as we encompass so many different aspects of radio, from the broadcasters and their programming to the broadcasting equipment and of course the radio receivers and their development and history.

Our membership’s overwhelming support and passion for radio and CHRS should be an inspiration to every other historical group. I cannot stress enough the appreciation we have for our volunteers and donors. You are the backbone of CHRS and the people who make CHRS second to none. Our volunteers work tirelessly at Radio Central and behind the scenes. Our donors dig deep and many have made major donations multiple times. CHRS is thriving now thanks to our donors, but as we continue into the Radio Central Era, this may not always be the case so we will always need your help.

So, Thank You… Thank You… Thank You… for making CHRS the great historical and educational society it is. As Chairman Mike Adams has said and I wholeheartedly agree, we are proud and honored to be part of this fine organization that is made up of such passionate and dedicated people. We look forward in 2015 to getting many CHRS programs back on track after this year long hiatus.

Remember, please do not hesitate to call with any questions or comments. My cell # is: (415) 203-2747.

Wishing You All a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful 2015!


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