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February 8, 2013

More than one update, a clue that should interest people who like singing, and some exciting news for people who like a beloved, long-lived series.

You folks might not get to see some of the other comments that come in to the old posts.  Some of them are pretty helpful and interesting.

Just in case you haven’t seen them yet, here are some that have been of help:

A downloader gives us a little extra information about the host.

Black And White Photo Of A Country Road

A possible date for a recording.


Just a little more clarity about the date, but not quite enough yet.

Envelope Graphic, With Fake Stamp Of Chrs Logo Marked &Quot;Donation&Quot;, And Addressed &Quot;Occupant, 117 Elm Street, Centerville, Usa&Quot;

What’s happening with the challenge?

We are still in need of more donations to come in to meet our $200 challenge.

(This the our collector writing now)

Ace tells me that there’s important reasons why no one should name the show or the guest star in these posts.  He says you’ll understand when you’ve figured it out the name.  I’ll just tell you that the guest star appears in one of the pictures in the last post.  It’ll be obvious when you see it.

But I WILL tell you about that *extremely rare* show that will be coming in a future challenge.

It is a disc with two episodes of *Vic and Sade*.  Ace has done some work on it and found that one of them looks to be a show that is already out there, but the label gives it a different date.  The other one you’re not going to find anywhere else.

So get those donations in so you can get this first disc and all the others I’ve got waiting for you.

(This is Ace again).

Here’s how to make your donation.

When you make a donation, which you can do at this link, put in the Message Box the word “downloader”.  That way we can keep track.

Your donation must come in by February 28 to get those bonus discs.  And if you made a donation in 2013, leave a comment below and we will confirm it and add it to the total.

This is a chance to give back for those moments you enjoyed a show the museum gave to you, for free.


We can only keep giving if you give back.

Vintage Wwii Poster:  A Soldier Lies In The Grass, Aiming A Rifle And Looking A The Viewer.  The Words &Quot;Kinda Give It Your Personal Attention, Will You?&Quot; Are Above Him, The Words &Quot;Donations Needed, Please!&Quot; Below

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