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Thank You!

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Radio Day 2015 –
A Huge Success!

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Radio Day By The Bay 2015 – LIVE! in Alameda. CHRS’ terrific yearly fund raising event was a tremendous success.. This is our main source of income for the year so we really needed your support… And everyone came through with flying colors!


  • Event Attendance – Holy Cow! Paid attendance this year was 358 as compared to 180 last year. Including the WOTW cast, the orchestra and our volunteer crew, we had an attendance of about 400! Yea!
  •  Thank You Stan! – KCBS Morning News anchor Stan Bunger did another great job for us our Master of Ceremonies! We can’t thankStan enough.
  • Auction Results and Unsold Items Update – Our Radio Day 2015 auction went very well. We had 65 bidders and took in over $15,000. Over 75% of our items sold. Second chance on remaining items this Saturday. They will be sold for the starting price. Thank you bidders for your support. And thanks to our expert Auctioneers Peter Finch, Renee Richardson, Mike Adams and Stan Bunger.
  • The Golden Gate Radio Orchestra – Was a Hit! Thanks for your participation. The nostalgic sounds of yesteryear filled the auditorium to the enjoyment of all!
  • War of the Worlds”– The CHRS Radio Dog Theater in its debut performance presented “War of the Worlds” LIVE on stage. This 2015 work was based on the 1964 KPEN version. It was Directed by Terry McGovern and featured Michael Bennett, Stan Bunger, James Gabbert, Gary Gielow, Steve Kushman, Monterey Morrissey, Celeste Perry, Kevin Radich and Kim Wonderley. Live sound mix by Dan Healy. Sound effects and music design by Bob Brown. Adapted by David Jackson. Produced by Steve Kushman. Our deepest thanks go out to all these fine actors, technicians and our Director Terry McGovern for donating their time and supporting CHRS. This was the hit of the Day! Over 300 guests filled the Kofman Auditorium and were mesmerized by this radio classic.
  • Huge Electronics Flea Market – CHRS Director Denny Monticelli prepared and managed a swell Flea Market again this year. Lots of happy people gave homes to many great Flea Market finds. Treasures left Radio Central in large numbers. There is still much electronic gear left. The Flea Market will be open for only 2 Saturdays, (August 1st and 7th), with all items sold at deep discount. After that, the gear will be recycled. So, come get it soon! BTW, Flea Market proceeds were almost $5,800!
  • Silent Auction – CHRS Super Volunteer Cynthia Edwards Reinholtz, created and presented a very special Silent Auction for us featuring 50 great items. This is our first Silent Auction as part of Radio Day. And it paid off nicely. Silent Auction proceeds were almost$3,800! Thanks Cynthia.
  • BARHOF Class of 2015 Announced – KOSF’s Celeste Perry & Terry McGovern made the big announcement. Some highlights are: Dusty Street and Lissa Kreisler as Program Hosts,John Madden in Sports and Harvey Stone as Executive / Manager.CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE BARHOF CLASS OF 2015.
  • Kevin Payne and Cliff Farwell Named CHRS Volunteers of the Year – Two people who have shined and really have shown their passion for CHRS are Kevin Payne and Cliff Farwell. The CHRS Board of Directors are proud to name Kevin and Cliff as our 2015 Volunteers of the YearKevin has been updating the ancient electrical system in Radio Central. And Cliff has been involved in many projects including our new woodworking shed and hot water system, among others. You will see them on many week days at Radio Central as well as Saturdays. Thank you Cliff and Kevin for all your hard work!
  • The Bottom Line – It Was a very good Day for CHRS. Our preliminary reports tell us that after expenses, CHRS netted over $22,200! Not bad for a day’s work! Thank you to all of our supporters!
  • We Could Not Have Done it Without:

Richard Watts and Walt Hayden – Main Cashiers

Reina and Robert Swart – Museum Storekeepers

Kevin Payne – CHRS Greeter

Mike Tanaka and Steve Stephens – Parking Crew

Scott Robinson – Museum Docent

Eddie Enrique, Jerry Davis, Don Butterfield and John Wallin – Auction Item Attendants

Bart Lee – W6CF / Maxwell Library & Archives

Judy Mears, Cindy Maxwell, Cathy Hogan, Susan Monticelli, Debbie Santa Maria and Grill Master Larry Drees – CHRS Doggie Diner Team

Denny Monticelli, Gilles Vrignaud, Seth Arp, Dave Harris and Kent Leech – Flea Market Crew

Len Shapiro and Jon Winchell – Kofman Lobby Crew

Cynthia Edwards Reinholtz and Holly Higgins – Silent Auction Team

Lou Rinaldi, (Stage Manager), and Robby Weinberg – Stage Crew

Paul Bourbin, (Proxy Bidder), and Heather Mehischau – Auction Loggers

Mike Adams – Photo and Video Archive  – CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Dave Billeci – Video Streaming and Archive to YouTube… soon.

Dan Healy – Live mix and staging for “War of the Worlds”

Bob Brown – Sound effects and music design for “War of the Worlds”

In Addition: Many hours of work were put into the preparation of Radio Central for Radio Day. A special Thank You goes out to Legendary Volunteers of the Year, Walt Hayden, Robert Swart and Larry Drees who who worked many week days to get RC ready. And also a special thanks to Kevin Payne, Walt Hayden and Cliff Farwell for replacing our antique, inefficient hot water heater with a modern, efficient tank-less unit.

All these people, some who have volunteered many times before, made this event a pleasure to be involved with. The high level of hard work and enthusiasm for CHRS really showed. The event ran quite smoothly due to the diligence of our Volunteers. As we have stated above… “We couldn’t have done it without You!” Thanks to each and every person who had a hand in making Radio Day By The Bay 2015 a tremendous success and “The best one ever”. Let’s strive to do even better next year for “Radio Day By The Bay 2016 – LIVE! In Alameda, July 23rd 2016!


Congratulations to all of our newest members of the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame!

They are:

Program Host – DUSTY STREET


Dusty Street got her start in Bay Area radio as one of the fabled “chick engineers” at KMPX in 1967. She became a DJ when she moved over to KSAN after the KMPX strike.   She spent a few years at KTIM before moving to the LA market from 1979 to 1995. Dusty has spent the last 10 years with SiriusXM as radio host for Classic Vinyl.




South Bay native Lissa Kreisler started her career at KLOK in the news department after graduating from San Jose State. When the station switched formats, she jumped over to KBAY doing news before become co-host of the morning show with fellow BARHOF member Sam Van Zandt. The Lissa-Sam show has put KBAY on the top of the San Jose ratings.




Mike Colgan has been part of the Bay Area radio scene for the past 40 years. He has covered most of the top news stories in the Bay Area during this period. He began his career at KFRC, the Big 610, as part of the great 20/20 news team. He then did some DJ work at KPEN in Los Altos before joining KCBS in 1988. Mike currently works out of the Silicon Valley Bureau.




Coach John Madden is our inductee in the sports category. John started on KSFO with legendary Gene Nelson. Then John switched to KNBR when Gene retired, moved to KCBS when Frank Dill called it a day and since 1988, Coach Madden has worked with Al Hart and then Stan Bunger on the KCBS morning program. John’s insight into the world of sports (oh yah Football too) has made his show a must for radio sports listeners over the past 27 yrs.


Pioneer – GIL HAAR

Img_0830 Me By Tom Vano

First of two pioneer inductees is Gil Haar. Gil was brought in from Denver to work at KOBY as a DJ in 1958. When the station fell to the KYA and KEWB promotional onslaught, he moved to Fresno’s KMJ for 5 yrs. When Gil came back to the Bay Area in 1966 he spent the next 22 year as a news director at KNEW, KNAI (news and information), reporter at KCBS and finally News Director of Magic 61 before retiring in 2001.


Pioneer – ELMA GREER

Image 2

Our second legendary pioneer is KSFO music director Elma Greer. Elma started her 28 year tenure with KSFO in 1960. During this period beside music director, she was also assistant program director. She was named music director of the year three times by the Gavin Report as well as receiving several gold records. One of Elma’s favorite duties was to help SF State students pull records for their DJ debut on “Records at Random”, Sunday nights on the ‘World’s Greatest Radio Station’.


Executive / Manager – HARVEY STONE

Radioday 025

Harvey Stone served 33 years as General Manager/President of KBLX; from the purchase of KRE by Inner Cities broadcasters until the sale to Entercom in 2012. He guided the “Quiet Storm” against the giant corporate stations to be rated in the top 3 on a consistent basis through the 1990s. He also is the godfather of CHRS for providing the historic KRE building in Berkeley as our first home.


Engineer / Educator – KEN NIELSEN

Ken Nielsen is a true radio and TV pioneer. Ken came to the Bay Area from Denver in 1941 and convinced the San Francisco Unified School District to apply for an FM license and purchase the RCA demonstration FM transmitter used at the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island. The end result was KALW, the first FM station on the West coast. Later Ken convinced the school district to purchase TV cameras and related equipment for classes. The equipment was used after school hours to help start KQED-TV.

Ken Nielsen, the educator, set up and developed both programming and engineer classes at the school district. He conducted classes and managed KALW until his retirement in 1975.


Specialty – PETER SCOTT

Peter Schwartz aka Peter Scott came to KSFO after several years at KSJO in San Jose. Peter worked his way up from production coordinator to production director to assistant program director under Al Newman and then Program Director in the middle to late 70’s. He kept the ‘World’s Greatest Radio Station’ on an even keel during the rise of underground and free form competition. After his KSFO days, he owned his own recording studio in San Francisco and did voice overs until his passing in 2011.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2015 BARHOF Induction luncheon to be held with the Broadcast Legends September 19th.

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  1. You guys put on a great event. The only sad part of the day was the only bid submitted on Gary Gielow’s book in the silent auction was submitted by Gary Gielow – at the end of the day – he bought his own book.

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