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Maxwell Library Being Re-Shelved at RC…

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First on the Shelf… Bart Lee and Dave Harris filed QSTs from 1920 – 1970
It’s been a bit over a year since CHRS took possession of 2152 Central Avenue. Through hard work and dedication CHRS is making great progress in our efforts to create the permanent West Coast Center for all things… Radio. As evidenced in the picture above, our projects are coming along nicely. The James A. Maxwell Communications Research Library has been expanded to 40 feet long, has a new epoxy floor, new walls and ceiling tiles and trim, full electrical service and new lighting and over 35 bookcases installed. So after 1 year and 2 days we started to unpack the first of our 500+ boxes of library material and got the QSTs on the shelf. There is much more to go but we are off to a great start.Thanks to all our volunteers who built the library, most notably Robert Swart, Walt Hayden, Cliff Farwell, Larry Drees and Kevin Payne. There were many others but this group stands out as they put in many weekend and weekday hours on the project. Thanks to you all! And by the way the Library looks terrific. And thank you to Director Philip Monego who will donate 3 new efficient windows to replace the 115 year old ones. And thank you to John Stuart who donated 2 new oak library carts… very useful!
      Work has begun on our new 12′ x 32′ accessory building in our back yard. And our Compact Mobile Storage System will be installed next week. Yea!Mike Adams shot a video update around Radio Central on our 1st Anniversary day. Please enjoy the video and still photos. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUR PROGRESS
      Our goal is to have 3 more big projects finished by Radio Day. The Maxwell Library, the compact mobile storage unit and our new accessory building should be complete. We really hope people who have not been to Radio Central since last July will see dramatic progress.

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FOR 2015



      On Tuesday, June 16th, at 11:30 am, CHRS and the Bay Area Broadcast Legends will feature the induction of KPEN into BARHOF as the Legendary Station for 2015. Come join the celebration as KPEN founders James Gabbert and Gary Gielow take the stage. Ben Fong-Torres will moderate a discussion about this historical station by the men who created it. The stories Gary and Jim have to tell will be fascinating. Plus we will present many rare audio clips from KPEN.
      Join the Legends as they host the BARHOF Legendary Station induction as part of their Spring Luncheon at the DoubleTree Hotel Berkeley Marina,  200 Marina Blvd, Berkeley, CA 94710. Tickets are $47.25 for a great lunch and event. For tickets visit:
      For more information and audio clips from KPEN please visit our Bay Area Radio Museum, (BARM), site at Historic KPEN 101.3 FM proudly joins, KSAN Jive 95, KCBS, KGO, KFRC, KNBR and KSFO as the newest BARHOF Legendary Station.
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      The new book, “The Story of KPEN” has been donated to CHRS. “The Story of KPEN” is the definitive book about the history of this pioneering station. Proceeds from “The Story of KPEN” will go to the California Historical Radio Society and its Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame and Bay Area Radio Museum on-line.
      Noted author Ben Fong-Torres says:
“For fans of radio history, it’s a welcome chronicle of one of the most important stations in the Bay Area, a pioneer in FM broadcasting in introducing stereo (in fall 1961) and programming innovations.” 
      On Special from now until June 16th… Purchase the Story of KPEN for only $20 including shipping! To order visit:  $20.00 includes shipping. The book is also available at Radio Central and will be available at the induction luncheon June 16th.

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      From Radio Central Volunteer ​Cynthia Edwards Reinholtz​:
“So here’s photo of my prized Majestic red radio.  Isn’t it just beautiful?
      I first spotted it while doing volunteer work at Radio Central a month or so before Radio Day at the Bay last year, where it was to be auctioned.  My first reaction was not – “wow, just imagine the tubes and capacitors in this baby”; it was – “wow, would this ever look gorgeous in my kitchen as a complement to my red Viking appliances”!  I even brought my blender base in the following weekend to ensure the reds were of the same hue. When they were a perfect match, I knew I had to have it.  Whether or not it was capable of emitting sound was irrelevant!
      Needless to say, I was determined to win the bid.  The radio was in mint condition, but somehow in transit home acquired a chip​,​ much to my dismay. The solution? I found the “perfect match” nail polish for a quick touch-up, and no one is the wiser!
      When I finally did turn plug it in to see whether it worked, initially I heard no sound.  And then I remembered – oh yeah, it needs to “warm up”!  So after a few seconds it kicked in and sounds great  —  just an added bonus to my new possession.
      CHRS really got me thinking about the whole art deco and fashion aspect of these beautiful radios.  More to come…  Cynthia”
      Editor’s Note… This was my radio and it sat on a shelf lined up with other radios for many years going rather un-noticed. I’m glad to see it has gone to a better place and is so appreciated. Just as CHRS appreciates Cynthia’s volunteer spirit!
      Have a story to tell or a comment?
Send it to us: [email protected]
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Join the New CHRS Member Profiles Page 
This new Member’s Only feature, our Member Profile page is now active. 
Here is where you will be able to list your contact information, your radio interests and repair or restoration services you can offer. Just go to our great CHRS web site and use the MEMBER PROFILES pull down tab under CONTACT. This will take you to a Password Protected sign in page. Just type in your Password and you are in. Only CURRENT CHRS Members will receive the password. If your CHRS Membership is up to date, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO OBTAIN THE PASSWORD. The listing process in not totally automatic. So, check back later to view your profile. We hope this new service will be useful.

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From Director Jaime Arbona:
      “I’d vote this as the best Journal yet.” 

Didn’t get one? Inside are articles by Mike Adams on Reading Communication Themed Juvenile Fiction, 1900–1930, by Tom Albrect onVoltage-Dependent Capacitance in Ceramic Disk CapacitorsBart Leefeatures “The Wireless News”Len Shapiro introduces the BARHOF Class of 2014 and More! These fine Journals have all been mailed out along with Membership Directories and 2015 Schedules to paid up members. If you would like one, click the links below.

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      It’s that time again to support Bay Area Broadcasting by casting your ballot for the 2015 Class of the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame. Your favorites are all here with some new additions this year. So please vote and encourage your friends and relatives to vote. Please remember Harvey Stone. He gave CHRS a home for 10 years which directly contributed to our current success.

      The voting ends on July 10th and the Class of 2015 Inductees will be announced at CHRS Radio Day By The Bay 2015 on July 25th at Radio Central in Alameda. One vote per device please.

IT’S COMING… Save The Date!
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AUCTION ITEMS NEEDED NOW! – Now is the time to donate or consign good auction-able items to CHRS and donate items for the CHRS Electronics Flea Market.

Radio Day By The Bay 2015 – LIVE! in Alameda. CHRS’ terrific yearly fund raising event. Your  Master of Ceremonies will be KCBS’s Morning News Anchor, Stan Bunger, BARHOF Class of 2010. Guest Auctioneers will bePeter Finch, BARHOF Class of 2014 and just added, KFOG Morning Show Host Renee Richardson. Also back by popular demand will be The Golden Gate Radio Orchestra. Announcement of the BARHOF Class of 2015. Our Live Radio Play, giant antique radio auction and electronics flea market will also be back. More details to follow. 


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