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Thank You – You made this event a success:

 See the Photo record of Radio Day

This year’s Radio Day By The Bay presented many challenges and obstacles to overcome. A new location in a residential neighborhood, a building stacked full of 1500 boxes and thousands of artifacts, and very little time to prepare.

But, we came through just fine. The event was well attended and ran pretty smoothly for our first time in Alameda. Stan Bunger hosted the event with his usual friendly style. Peter Finch and Mike Adams moved the auction along quickly. Ben Fong-Torres and Len Shapiro made the BARHOF announcements. The Broadcast Legends Lone Ranger was spot on. The Golden Gate Radio Orchestra filled the Kofman Auditorium with wonderful nostalgic tunes. The Flea Market was packed with shoppers and the food and baked goods were yummy.

Seth Arp was recognized as CHRS Volunteer of the Year for 2014. Thank you Seth for all your time, hard work and passion for CHRS.

What really made this event special is the extra support and dedication we received from our volunteers during the preparation and the day of the event. As we said in an email to our volunteers, “You Rock!”

This is from Chairman Mike Adams:

“I have to say I have never been associated with such a hard working and caring and creative group as the CHRS board, staff and volunteers. We are head and shoulders above the other radio history organizations, local and nationally. I am proud to be part of all of this, now and in the future. Mike”

Thank you Mike! And the Bottom Line… Our hard work and dedication paid off, big time. Including, auction revenue, flea market, food, gate, paddles, museum store, raffle and donations, CHRS netted over $25,000! Not bad for a day’s work. Remember this is usually our main source of income for the year and this year we can really use it.

Thanks to everyone involved including those who came to support CHRS. We will strive to make Radio Day By The Bay 2015 even better!

SWAP MEET at College of San Mateo – SATURDAY – AUGUST 2ND, 9 AM…

Csm Swap Map

The College of San Mateo
1700 W Hillsdale Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94402
Beethoven Lot, Section E
9 AM Start Time

1. At Radio Central and CSM, sellers may drive in any time after the gate opens, set up tables and set up your radios for sale. But, be prepared to cover your sale items with a blanket or tarp until 9 AM. If any pre 9 AM arrangements between buyers and sellers are observed, the seller will beasked to leave.

2. So that the sellers are not disturbed when they are setting up, the selling area will be sectioned off until 9 AM. At Radio Central buyers can mingle outside the selling area or in our building. At CSM, sellers will set up in a designated area and buyers will mingle in a designated area, until 9 AM.

3. There is NO sellers fee at our events. But, donations are always welcomed. Recurring sellers must have current membership. Membership not required for one time only sellers.

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